New KPFN … video.html

Check out the video, it’s pretty neat. We are all waiting anxiously for it to open up as our two local airports PFN and VPS are pretty limited to outbound flights. The local communities are hoping to get some larger service aircraft and expanded routes. Any thoughts?

Eagle to MIA and ASA to ATL.

ASA as in Alaska, or ASA as in Atlantic Southeast?


Common sense would say the latter, but common sense ain’t too common these days.

Seems like a helluva project for a couple regional carriers, no?

that would be Atlantic Southeast… they have a few regionals that serve Atlanta, Houston, Memphis, but it would be great to get Southwest or have it as a connection spot to help out ATL. Maybe it will attract some new routes.

Southwest requires a minimum of 1 million enplanements a year before they will look at an expansion. At least that is what they have told me and an airport director I know in the past year or so.

It’s probably just me. I tend to refer to carriers by their ICAO code not their IATA code, hence the question.

But that wouldn’t be a bad idea, as it would be a feeder into ATL or MEM. SWA would be a good draw there too, as every other Florida destination is at least 5 hours drive, BHM is too far north, and MSY is at least 2 - 3 hours drive west. How far of a drive is it from ATL down to Panama City or Pensacola?


ATL - Panama City = 5 hours
ATL - Pensacola = 6 hours
BHM - Panama City = 4.5 hours
MSY - Panama City = 5 hours
MCO - Panama City = 5 hours

thats a long drive to get to a “decent” airport… The state of Florida has put a lot of effort in this airport to get the panhandle good service.

Wasn’t there an existing airport? Why the new one?

long story, but yes there is an old one. It is getting torn down and the land was sold for a lot of $$ for residential development. The St. Joe Company donated the land for the new airport and they are putting in a TON of commercial space at the new location. It’s the old “help me, help you” scenario. The St. Joe Company is banking on the airport to be a big hit because they have so much developmental land around the area.