ExpressJet Flights

ExpressJet Airlines (Continental/United Express; now just United Express since Continental technically no longer exists) recently changed from “Jetlink” (BTA) to “Acey” (ASQ) as a result of their merger with Atlantic Southeast Airlines. I’ve noticed that FlightAware is showing the ExpressJet flights that are operated by the EMB-145 series correctly with the ASQ tag, but the same flight shows up on FlightAware with the BTA tag (same flight numbers, just one is BTA and the other is ASQ…example BTA4392 and ASQ4392) as well since the change went into effect a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering if there was any way to filter out the BTA flights since it technically no longer exists. Thanks.

While they are merged from a business point of view, the FAA may not have approved their flight operations merger. They will continue to operated, from the FAA’s point of view, as 2 different carriers until their license is consolidated into one.

The two carriers’ operating certificates were merged on November 18. As of that day, all ExpressJet/ASA (the merged company will be known as ExpressJet Airlines) flights are filed as ASQ. The issue I’ve noticed on FlightAware is that they are essentially showing the same flight twice, one as an ASQ flight and the other as a BTA flight, after single operating certificate was obtained on November 18. BTA flights no longer exist after the operating certificates were merged.

The same exact thing happened yesterday with United and Continental when their operating certificates were merged. All previous COA flights are now filed as UAL, but there doesn’t seem to be the same error on FlightAware that shows both a COA and UAL flight for the exact same flight.

The duplicates/erroneous flight plans sound like they are canned flight plans that haven’t been cleared from the FAA system yet.

They also file some of their flights as Lear 35’s.