Express Jet's real website


I just happened to click on the link next to BTA on the tracking page, and it came up with Continental’s site. Now I know that Express Jet runs RJ’s for Continental Express so I can see why they did that. However, Express Jet also does their own routes that have nothing to do with COA. That website is All of the flights appear on FA as “BTA” and the callsign is always “jetlink,” which I have no problem with. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to differentiate the 2, because Ex-Jet’s runs are not covered on SAN-GEG would take 3 flights on COA and that’s how it’s listed on that site. But Express Jet does it nonstop, which shows up here, and on
Basically saying, BTA as COA should have as the website, and BTA as themselves should be
Any way to set that up?


There’s no easy way to insert two websites and it looks like about two thirds of BTA flights are for CoEx, so we’re going to leave it as-is for now.