Continental Codeshare


I have just noticed that as of 23:30MST on the 14th May 2011, that every single Jazz Canada flight is showing up as a codeshare of Continental Airlines, yet when you go to COA’s website and type in those flight numbers, they show completely different routes…is this a temporary bug in your system at all?


Seems to be accurate now, at least out here (West). Since these ‘pairs’ were announced* a year ago why has it taken so long for them to be implemented ?


The issue is resolved going forward and we’ll clean up the history this afternoon.


Here is another:
Gulfstream recently took over the EAS routes in Montana. They use Island Air as their ticketing agent. Now the Island Air “ghost” flights clog up the schedule. There are similar issues with Frontier (Republic and Lynx) There is always a monkey in the wrench! :confused: BTW, you guys do a great job! Thanks

En Route/Scheduled to KBIL (More)
Ident Type From Depart Arrive
N212EJ BE20 Poplar Muni (PO1) 17:00 MDT 17:53 MDT
SKW4504 CRJ2 Salt Lake City Intl (KSLC) 17:16 MDT 18:14 MDT
N565EJ C560 Billings Logan Intl (KBIL) 17:46 MDT 18:20 MDT
MKU3577 Lewistown Muni (KLWT) Delayed
MKU3573 Lewistown Muni (KLWT) Delayed
AIP1599 BE99 Bert Mooney (KBTM) 17:42 MDT 18:28 MDT
MKU3579 Frank Wiley Field (KMLS) Delayed
MKU3575 Frank Wiley Field (KMLS) Delayed
GFT3567 B190 Sidney-Richland Muni (KSDY) 17:24 MDT 18:30 MDT


Are they duplicates of another flight that does exist, or completely made up?

edit: Oh, they’re coming from the FAA. This should be fun.


Like I said, a monkey in the wrench. :slight_smile: They are duplicates. :frowning: