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incorrect flight diversion

Last month i posted a problem with tracking air canada jazz 7829 from toronto to timmins. I posted that their is a glitch with the systsem as it shows that flight diverts to kansas which is not correct. For a couple weeks it continued to show up and then it was corrected. Today i recieved an update that once again the system has a glitch as it shows up again as diverting to kansas. Why does this continue to happen every couple months. Obviosly an aircraft cannot change from a dash 8 to a crj mid flight and divert to kansas, so why does this show up?

That flight’s problems are caused by a confusion with a similarly numbered flight that operates out of the same airport. We’re investigating a possible fix.

The other flight is jza 8029 heading to kansas. The flight to timmins is 7829. It is just annoying receiving so many flight alerts for one flight especially when its incorrect information. If i wanted to receive 8029 as a flight alert id sign up for it.but Im not interested in it

You can modify your flight alert to also specify the destination you are want, in addition to the flight number.