jza 7829 or air Canada 7829


This has been an ongoing issue. Air Canada jazz flight 7829 departs Toronto and arrives in Timmins each day. I have this flight set as my fights to track but for some reason it files this flight as departing Toronto and arriving in Kansas and then halfway diverting to Timmins and later that it arrived in both timmins and Kansas. The flight to timmins is operated by a dash 8 while the flight to Kansas is operated by a crj. Is there any way that this flight alert or update could be corrected from the flightaware system or will it always be like that. It is starting to get annoying with the amount of updates im getting when only the Toronto to Timmins should be showing


I looked into it more and it seems it is a glitch with jza 8029 heading to Kansas around the same time as jza 7829 heading to Timmins. They both depart around 2:45pm. Just needs to be corrected. This isn’t the first time there has been this issue. Seems like it goes away at times and then comes back in few months.