same flight


If you go to BTV and look at departures there will be

SKW5941 going to ORD

but there are to of the same flights one said it left at 8:44 and the other says it left at 10:04 but if you click on the flight its already over Lake Ontario. so i think that the 8:44 flight was the time it left scense there is a Detroit flight that left at 9:15 and is over about Syracuse right now. i just want to know whats going on with this flight, its been like this for a long time. :question: :confused:


Crossing into Canadian airspace generates a second departure message, so we assume the first flight has ended.


it has ended. i didnt know that happens though.


you said that it happens with flights that cross into canadian airspace. but again there are 2 of the same flights but they are both going to KPHL, its not going into canada at all it said one leaves at 8:58pm and the other at 5:30pm so what with this flight??? :confused: