Issues with CRJ1 and 757 showing up where it shouldn't

According to flights like this: … /KAMA/KIAH

It shows the flight as operated by a CRJ-100. Expressjet doesn’t have any CRJ-100’s and CO’s website shows the flight operated with an ERJ-145.

Also, in the past week or 2, lots of Skywest, Pinnacle, and PSA flights have shown up as being CRJ-100’s when Skywest has very few -100’s and PSA and Pinnacle have none:

Also, B752 has been showing up as just “757” lately (Primarily for American and Delta but occasionally for others).

Thanks for pointing out those three issues, drdisque. We really appreciate the community letting us know when they see something amiss.

The CRJ1 issue has two causes -
For SkyWest: When we get the generic CRJ, we assume it’s CRJ1. We can fix that in the next couple days.
For ExpressJet: We’re getting codeshares from Copa that claim to be on that ExpressJet flight and that it’s operated by a CRJ. This is going to take a bit longer to get resolved.

The 757 issue should be resolved tomorrow. You can see already the future scheduled flights are B752.

What about Chautauqua flights coming up as American Eagle flights out of ORD still?

Yeah. Seen this as a problem for well over 2 months now.



The CRJ1 links are never trackable, just estimated. Never show up in the email for flight plan filed. Usually show as landed within minutes of each other, but have had 15 min gaps before. I know for a fact the CRJ2’s are accurate, as I’ve gone spotting and the timing works out with the 3-5 min delay in reporting (I get text arrival on landing).

After a chain of e-mails, I get this reply in February:

"Thank you for your interest in FlightAware!

We appreciate your feedback and know that there were several FAA downloads that were not complete during this period of time that could have caused this anomaly. Again , thank you for the time you took to inform and it appears this issue has been resolved.

Best regards,

Jackie Butcher
Aviation Support Specialist"

But you know, it’s a work in progress.

Off topic, but equally weird, just got an email:

"%1 has just filed a flight plan. It is scheduled to depart from %2 (%3) at %4 heading for %5 (%6) %7.%8

For more information visit

To edit or disable these alerts please visit"

There’s still a lot of aircraft being shown with incorrect codes:
As of 17:24 PDT 18 Mar 11

#flts AC Type
45 777
18 767
16 737
13 340
12 330
7 747
2 757