Incorrect Aircraft Type


It’s nothing major, but I’m just curious as to why Piedmont’s Dash 8-100s (DH8A) are now showing up as Dash 8-200s (DH8B) in many cases. Also, the CRJ-200s of Air Wisconsin and PSA have started displaying as CRJ-100s for certain flights. All of these aircraft types used to display correctly for the given airlines.

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It’s probably from the use of ambiguous IATA codes in their schedules/status feeds that we’re not properly updating from ASDI. Can you post an example of each?


I have noticed this too lately. Skywest operates for both United and Delta at KBIL and there have been a lot of flights showing CRJ1 aircraft. Per their website, Skywest does not have any CRJ1s in their fleet.


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For the Dash 8:
I included the entire history for the flight so you can see the changeover to “DH8B” that started on January 28.

For the CRJ-200, things get a little more interesting. For example, the following PSA flight is displayed correctly as a CRJ-200:
However, a duplicate of that flight has been showing up since January 28 as a CRJ-100. The flight number is also slightly different, as it displays the full number used by US Airways (includes the 2), as opposed to the regular PSA flight number without that digit:

Air Wisconsin flights have also affected by the changeover to CRJ-100 identification beginning in late January:

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Sorry to be a bother, but just checking to see if you had any updates on the issue of Piedmont Dash 8-100s (DH8As) being displayed as Dash 8-200s (DH8Bs). Also, it looks like PSA flights are still being duplicated:

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to update the thread. We do have a ticket open and we are looking into the issue. Hopefully we will have the incorrect aircraft type issue resolved shortly. Thank you for keeping us on our toes.



I think any ex-Comair planes that SkyWest has are CRJ-100s


N984CA for example: