West coast Embraer 145 flights?



I have been trying to track the use of the EMB/145/135 aircraft on west coast flights and have been unable to find any. I thought America West express and Mesa airlines used this aircraft for some west coast cities, but have been uable to find them. Since I am new here, I am probably not looking in the right place.



When in doubt about where airlines fly and what they fly, use the airline webpage or www.google.com….

Seeing a trend yet?


AWE/ASH fly CRJs on their regional routes.

Look at the aircraft type pages for E13* and E14*.
AAL has a few E130/140 flights in the west, including KSJC-KLAX, KSBA-KDFW, and KSFO-KSNA.

pika: That seems rather tedious for a query like this; better off using a FlightAware feature anyway. :slight_smile: