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American Eagle to use ExpressJet 145/135/900ER's?

American Eagle operated by **ExpressJet ** Abilene, Amarillo, Beaumont (TX), Brownsville, Baton Rouge, College Station, Durango (CO), Fargo, Fort Walton Beach, Houston-Hobby, Knoxville, Little Rock, Midland-Odessa, Milwaukee, Rapid City, San Angelo, Shreveport, Texarkana (All begin February 14, 2013)


Can’t find any info?

What is your question?

Will AE use these? flickr.com/photos/40168621@N07/5118082290/ With wiglets?

they also signed an agreement with Sky West to operate RJ’s out of LAX.

Maybe… and maybe not… and since they have signed up with SkyWest, there will be some CRJ’s too…

Remember that expressjet operates CRJ’s too since their merger with ASA. I forget which type will be operated for AA.

American Eagle is well on it’s way to becoming like “United Express”- there will be multiple different airlines painted up and marketed in the brand feeding American Airlines. ExpressJet will be flying their own ERJs under the “American Eagle” banner out of DFW. The Eagle crew domicile at LAX was closed Nov 15th and all the ERJ aircraft and crew were reallocated in the system. Skywest has taken over all of the west coast flying with -200s except those flights scheduled to be CRJ-700s (3XXX flight numbers), which are still the 'Legacy’ Eagle.