CO at Clt


Co has 8 rj dailys to ewr 7 rjs daily to iah 3 rjs to cleveland and no mainline :open_mouth: beats me?


CO only puts mainline on their big time routes.

As a smaller airline, I think they feel that’s key to keeping their cost structure competitive.

What surprises me is that they don’t have any 65+ seat RJ’s w/ premium cabins nor have they made any announcements about getting them.


cle-phl doesn’t seem big time route but it has mainline on it


The airlines place their larger (I hate the term “mainline”) on routes where they think they will get the best return.

If Continental felt they could get a good return using a 777 between CLT and IAH then they would fly the route with that aircraft. In the meantime, I think they are doing good. It’s better to have multiple flights a day using a smaller aircraft than one flight a day using a larger aircraft.


Exactly. Especially for shorter hauls. It gives a broader spectrum of possibilities for the business traveler.


CO needs to take a good long look at E175’s and E190’s.

I used to be a loyal CO flyer, but my loyalty waivered when I, due to irrops, had my IAD-IAH-DEN mainline itinerary altered to IAD-CLE-DEN.

3 hours in an ERJ is simply too much, I don’t care who you are.

I can however say that they have some of the best Hawaii service out there. Their 767 IAH-HNL flight is a pleasure. 2 free meals on the outbound and endless beverage service in coach. Personal AVOD in each seat was a huge plus as well.


Anyone know what COA’s scope clause is? May make the larger RJs unattractive compared to B737s.


Probably STILL job security, 8 years later?



You got it. Anything larger than 50 seats has to be flown by mainline pilots.


You don’t like “Mainline”. You don’t like “Full Height”. So - What would be the perfect term to describe a jet-that-is-larger-than-a-regional-jet? :unamused:


A southwest plane :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


they could still take away one or two rjs off each and stick a 735 on the route


that reminds of that SWA commerical when the gate agent spins the wheel to see if the passengers will be flying on a big plane or small plane


Ha im seen that commercial thats how its like from phl like on the phl-buf route some routes are operated by 319/320s and some by dash 8s :laughing:


The term is overused. How about just calling it the airline it is (United) and, when referring to the non-airline operated aircraft has the regional operations (e.g. United Express).

Mainline used to mean something. Now it doesn’t. (I’m talking about a carrier such as Wien Air Alaska that had mainline operations to the major cities in Alaska and the other flights were called bush flights because they went to the villages.)


I agree, I flew COA15 about 5 years ago from EWR to HNL on a 767. A long flight to be sure but I was able to get the bulkhead seats right behind first class. Ton of legroom there. The personal TV’s were great. I take it they now have Video On Demand? I have know others who have flown other airlines, namely Delta and United, and were stuck watching what everyone else had to watch on screens scattered through out the plane. Those personal TV’s make a huge difference.


CO is great on those HNL runs but the MSP-HNL flight on NWA is amazing, with the A330’s and AVOD. You get treated well in first or coach.


It’s not “on demand” per se, so I guess it’s not true AVOD, however it’s about 13 or so channels, each having different movies and TV shows that run in a continuous loop. It also has video games you can play on it.


The RJs are not flown by mainline COA pilots- that flying is contracted out to regional airlines flying under the Continental Express brand but they use their own callsigns i.e., BTA- Jetlink.

The mainline aircraft fly OUT of the three hubs. Thus, a CLT outbound flight will fly TO the hubs (feeder traffic) which explains the use of RJs. Time 3 RJs to arrive and feed one mainline flight (theoretically)and you now have transported 150 people to load on the big jet instead of perhaps only 139 or less if you used a 737 on that CLT-IAH/EWR/CLE route. That frees up the big iron to fly to/from the hubs to larger (for COA) markets.