Continental Airlines Hub

What is the Continental Airlines Hub? Is it IAH, EWR, or CLE? Because all 3 of these have a lot of Continental Flights.

I believe that Continental’s HQ and biggest hub is IAH.

So what fallows 2nd and 3rd?? Hey have a good trip I might track it. So when do you fly home??

we fly home on Wednesday, the 7th idk, the flught number but its either 805 or 367

I Think it goes like this:

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Quality is far more important than the number of posts. ALWAYS! It’s very easy to post a bunch of nothing. Quality not quantity.

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You are correct, although the “line” between IAH and EWR is much thinner than the one between either of them and CLE, which, unfortunately for me, is a distant 3rd.

To clarify for CessnaCitationX: Cleveland is a distant 3th. :wink: (It’s an inside joke that some of you may recognize from another post).

planeaholic when you fly do you fly Continental? You live in CLE and isn’t continental the biggest carrier there?

Yes, CO is by far the biggest carrier in CLE [technically, BTA (Continental Express)actually operates more flights I believe]. I’ve flown CO only once. I have to be honest with you, my last several flights have been aboard FL (sorry, AirTran) out of CAK. When you’re flying 5 people somewhere, it gets expensive to fly the legacies. My wife and daughter have flown USA3000 to MCO from CLE, but I’ve heard that they won’t be flying CLE-MCO anymore after this year. :cry:

Biggest carrier may not always = cheapest and most convenient to your destination.

Example, at BFL, United is the #1 carrier. However, it is typically better for me to go either Contintental or Delta because A)they are usually cheaper 2) fewer stops (IAH or SLC) D) shorter layovers.

Good call. But some long layovers are nice, scan the airport and the skys. :smiley:

Depends on the situation.

Wait until you get to travel with your 6 month old kid. Short layovers are the best.

Also, I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!!! Busy airports are full of them who have no clue what the hell is going on and act like travelling by air is rocket science. If it is busy and full of stupid people, I want in and out fast. Lord knows I have lost count of the number of times I have cut in front of people waiting for the human behind the counter because they are scared of the electronic ticket counters, not to mention pissed them off because I get ahead of them.

If it is like SNA, I love it. I deliberatly arrive WAY earlier than I should just to sit, have some coffee, and relax while watching the ramp.

Au contraire, pika! If I have 2 or 3 hours to kill at the airport, there’s nothing that makes the time go faster than watching or listening to stupid people!

Last year at EWK, I listened to this heated argument about which city is closer, LA or Denver. It seems the LA flight was arriving before the denver flight. However, LA was non-stop and Denver was 1-stop. They just never got it.

Give me entertaining people to wait with any time!

I can handle that for short periods. Then I usually want to walk over, tell them the answer and smack all involved right upside the head.

Get out of my head Pik!!!

Do retail long enough and your tolerance for stupid people disappears…quickly!

I’ve always been told that retail sales is a great job.

Except for, of course, having to deal with customers.

I actually left my retail job because of the crappy hours. ** EVERY** weekend, unless previously requested off, and even then it wasn’t guaranteed. Nights didn’t kill me, but when combined w/ all those weekend hours, it was enough to push me over the edge.
Most of my customers were wonderful/ polite, and caring. The problem is: The human brain has the tendency to remember all the jerk-offs that you have to deal with (about 1-2 per day normally in a busy setting). Note: Impending sarcasm ahead, please don’t arrest me: For once, I’d “love” to see guy go postal, but instead of killing his former employer and employees, he’d knock off a few bitchy customers that made him snap. Just once!! :smiling_imp:

Try being in management!

That is even worse…

Hours suck, @ the store 3AM DATG (this would be Day After ThanksGiving), then work 15 hours, get bitched out for asking for ANY holiday off, and must take all vacation before October, all major holiday weekends blocked out for vacation…IT SUCKS…

Glad I got out!