Battle of the RJ's

Please state why and be honest.
i.e design, comfort etc…

competitors listed in manufacturer’s alphabetical order.


CRJs because they fly where I want to go. Never been on one of the jumbo jungle jets.

Has anyone flown a bull-horn airplane before? Not a lot of fun… Plus the CRJ is more efficient.

bull-horn airplane??

Embraer, hands down… because I have shoulders…

The yokes on Embraers are known as Bull-Horn (with a few variations from people) Yokes.

Hawker isn’t so bad. Definitely takes some getting used to. The only time it really bugged me was on super bumpy or gusty days. Besides, just turn the autopilot on at 400 agl on departure and turn it off a 100 ft on the arrival!

Under normal times, it’s not bad, you’re right, but when it really matters, like in crosswinds, it sucks because you’re using muscles that you shouldn’t be needing to use to control it. It’s definitely a weird feeling…

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I like the CRJ-900s more than the ERJ-190s. They just look more beautiful.

I’ve flown on the CRJ200 and E140. The Embraer has a much larger window. It also has the benefit of the window/aisle “A” seats.

E-170 / E-190 by far. Much more room. Better view.