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TSA Relaxing Rules?

First post so sorry if it’s not in the correct category.

I flew from Dulles to Denver this past weekend for some skiing.(03-20-14/03-23-14) At BOTH airports I got into some sort of line that didn’t require you to take off shoes, belt, jacket, take out your laptop. In fact i just had to empty my pockets and go through the medal detector. To be honest it felt kind of weird. I did noticed a guy with a tablet directing people to different lines as you got to security. This was past the check of your ID and Ticket, so as far I know it was totally random who goes through this line.

I overheard one of the TSA agents saying this speeds everything up (sarcastically) as everyone was was taking off shoes only to be told to put them back on.

The more i thought about it, i think this was a promotion or something for TSA Pre. It seemed like at both airports i got into that line.

Same thing happened to me going to Miami last week. When I was leaving Miami 5 days later, I was getting ready to take off my shoes and got yelled at (I assumed it was only Delta/LGA that was doing it). TSA, agent said to me, “why are you taking off your shoes, now we are going to pat you down”. How the hell was I suppose to know!!!

There hasn’t been a post in a while, but I wanted to point out that sounds like TSA Pre-Check.

I was a part of it on my recent travels. It is something that you register for and it expedites the process of going through security!


TSA has been applying the PreCheck rules to regular passengers randomly. I had it happen at T3 @ LAS in Feb.