Why do you use dump1090-mutability?

they do not have the nice graphs too. are you sure ?

This is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen (to use the Google Maps tiles, you need to use their entire map API, and to use their API you need a key … so we can’t easily have a single implementation that supports Google while still working with other tile sources if you don’t provide an API key). Current dump1090-mutability avoids the Google API, too, for exactly this reason… I think you’ll be forever stuck on that old version.

Ok guys,
I made a fresh installment on a new sd card with another but the same model of a R Pi.
I made all preparations on this computer :

  • installation and upgrading the OS
  • adapt it for the RTC card
  • installed ntp,ssh,vnc
  • installed dump1090-mutability v1.15 (OSM : good !!)
    (copied my upintheair.json)
  • adpted the /etc/gai.conf file regarding the ipv6 problem of fr24feed to be on the safe side for the next step

shutdown my “tracker” R Pi , inserted the prepared SD card and booted up

  • installation of fr24feeder
  • installation of Piaware

everything went smooth, up and running now

Question : is there a way without installing another dump1090 version to install Skyview ?
to have also the GUI of Skyview

No, Skyview is part of dump1090-fa.

I suggest you just install dump1090-fa, it’s basically the “next version” of dump1090-mutability.

(This topic is really about exploring if there’s any reason to keep supporting dump1090-mutability as a separate thing, or whether I should just copy-and-paste the core out of dump1090-fa so I don’t have two codebases to worry about; based on current responses, I think copy-and-paste is the way to go…)



STEP-1: Uninstall dump1090-mutability

1.1 - Purge installed dump1090-mutability

sudo dpkg --purge dump1090-mutability

1.2 - Above dpkg --purge command removes all files and configuration of dump1090-mutability, making system clean. However it fails to remove one folder (/usr/share/dump1090-mutability) because the folder is not empty. This is not a problem. Manually remove it by command below.

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/dump1090-mutability


STEP-2: Install dump1090-fa

wget http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_3.6.2_all.deb 

sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_3.6.2_all.deb 

sudo apt-get update 

sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa

sudo reboot

Unrelated maybe, I am using Bing maps in addition to the OpenStreetMaps. The key was provided free to my Microsoft account (outlook, hotmail).

PS: Bing gives me some $5/month as Amazon credit, for using it as search engine.


People use dump1090-mutability for following reasons:

  1. Without thinking and without their choice, when they ONLY or FIRST install Flightradar24 feeder or Pi24 image.

  2. They dont like proprietary stuff, prefer generic over branded.

  3. They think mutability is more flexible than fa version. This feeling is due to its long term use and getting accustomed to it.

  4. When some of users in item 1 later see SkyView, they like it and want to switch, but due to lack of knowledge how to do it, and due to fear of breaking their system if they switch, refrain and continue with mutability.

  5. Some of users in item 3 want to have “best of both worlds”, so they keep mutability, and just swap GUI by swapping the public_html folder.


Hi guys,
I took my decision and installed the dump1090-fa and use Skyview
reason is very simple : I like the GUI of Skyview more.

I did a lot of stuff regarding those subjects the last couple of days, learned a lot and everybody was very nice to help me further.
But of course I’m not busy day in day out with this, so technical details about the 2 systems , I don’t know them.
I still have to learn a lot, I also want to optimize if possible this tracker.
(and I find it interesting)

I think abcd567 put it in the correct words (the 5 points he mentions)

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I am sure I read in here that dump1090-mutability is required in order to use a piaware base to feed other services (obviously without MLAT). Is that not the case? I intend to expand to feed multiple sites (including the “unfriendly” FR24) in due course and I’d like to do it site by site (in order to see what is required, not using a script) starting with a stock PiAware image and dump1090-fa.

dump1090-fa produces the same data formats on the same ports as dump1090-mutability (with some additions) so it should work fine with other feeders if they’re expecting e.g. Beast-format data on port 30005.

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I think it was related to raw output being slightly different in dump1090-fa vs some standard in mutability? And the workaround was to take structured data from dump1090-fa from the appropriate port on localhost and feed that instead. I can’t really remember now. I would have used the “workaround” approach anyway (I use quotation marks, since as far as I can see that is the proper way to do it and always has been).

I have avoided needing to use dump1090-mutability because dump1090-fa has always done everything I want without any problems at all.

dump1090-mutability also has always done everything I want without any problems at all.

I have been using dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev on one Pi, and dump1090-fa on another Pi for several years now. They both feed data to ALL following sites without any workaround. The only difference is GUI and method of configuration. Inspite of some difference in method to configure, the configurations themselves are same in both.

  • flightaware
  • planefinder
  • flightradar24
  • adsbexchange
  • radarbox24
  • opensky-network
  • VRS on my Windows Desktop

A little bit off topic but when I started with this in February , the whole thing was completely new to me and confusing
But during the months I learned :

  • you have the hardware : computer (RPI for me) , “receiver” (a dongle for me) and antenna
  • you have the software to decode the signal and give readable (?) output ( = dump1090…)
  • a GUI via webpage make this readable for humans in a nice way
  • feedersoftware to different “organisations” where you can feed your data to and give in return statistics , how others are doing , a community… (eg Fligthaware, Flightradar,…)

That is what I understand now , please correct me where I’m wrong and what I still missing

So a decision which dump1090 program to choose in the beginning, was just from the first webpage I saw at that time (February) and that was flightradar 24., pure coincidence.

No, this is a misunderstanding.

You can feed other services like FR24, Planefinder etc without need for any modifications if you have:

  • Piaware SD card image (dump1090-fa and piaware are pre installed on this image)
  • Raspbian image with dump1090-fa and piaware package installed.
  • Raspbian image with dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev and piaware package installed.

Once you have any of the above installs, simply install feeder packages of other services like FR24, Planefinder etc. The only thing you have to take care is that while configuring FR24 feeder, do NOT choose setting “receiver = dvbt”.

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Thanks, I’ll be trying this in due course.

Because it also has been packaged for installation on OpenWrt/LEDE, which makes it possible to run on these ridiculously small and cheap little network routers.

Although I know nothing of the process, dump1090-fa may be able to be packaged for OpenWrt, but as far as I’m aware it hasn’t happened so far. An advantage that I’m finding with these devices, is that they seem to survive power failures without corrupted memory issues.

They are small enough to be able to locate near the antenna and can be fed with simple PoE.


I notice to don’t mention Plane Plotter in your list, does dump1090-fa support feeding PP ?

It does. Just configure PP to access the RPi on port 30005.

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yes ! set PP to listen to RPi on IP-or-RPi and port 30005 (receiver Beast tcp or RTL>Rpi+Dump1090).

any decoder / feeder can feed PP as long as they output data to the network.
PP is realy versatile and flexible.

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I dont have PP software installed on my Windows computer, because I dont want to buy a key… $ £ €… Does any site like Flightaware, FR24, Planefinder provide Free PP Key to their feeders?

However feeding PlanePlotter Site is possible without installing PP software on Windows.

How-to Feed Plane Plotter Site directly from Raspberry Pi