Whats the Difference?

I have been trying to find something short and sweet to explain to me the differences between Dump1090 and dump1090-mutability but have been unsuccessful. I also found something called faup1090, and can’t figure out what that is.

Is there a short and sweet answer? For example, by using dump1090-mutability you can pickup more data/aircraft/etc than dump1090, or dump1090 uses less resources than dump1090-mutability.

dump1090-mutability is shorthand for “the mutability fork of MalcolmRobb’s fork of antirez’s original dump1090”. You can think of it as a “later version”, I guess (though the history is a directed graph, not just a line…). I don’t really maintain a summary of the changes, you’d have to go through the git history.

faup1090 is a piaware helper program that uses some parts of dump1090.

Ok, so the short and sweet of it all is that Dump1090 Mutability is an actively maintained, upgraded/updated version of the old dump1090 found in the antirez repo. Would that be correct?

Is there any way to see what Faup1090 does, or access it for use?

Yep, pretty much (for “actively maintained” read “in my spare time”, so it does vary)

faup1090 source is here: github.com/mutability/dump1090/ … faup1090.c

It is basically a stripped down dump1090 that reads ADS-B data from a network port (usually produced by a full dump1090) and produces summary info on stdout. piaware reads that output and sends it on to the FA servers.

The piaware package includes a built copy of faup1090, you can run it directly if you’re interested in what it’s sending:

$ /usr/lib/piaware/helpers/faup1090 --stdout

That sounds like your “copious free time” :smiley: :laughing: :open_mouth: