Dump1090 Help


Hi Guys,

have been running dump1090 and piaware for a few days now. The dump1090 GUI used to display flags, coloured aircraft etc but now when I go to the settings page I am getting this screen. Can anyone help please?



I’d guess you were running dump1090-mutability, and now you’re running the FlightAware image version.


peterhr is right - the fa dump produces these beautiful double scrollbars on the right


can anyone point me to a post addressing how to install/use the mutability version in place of the PiAware version?


did you uninstall mutability - or made a complete new install without - as you said before it was working?

if not - and mutability is still/already installed - but fa dump starts - this tip from obj could help:

if you want to install dump1090-mutability 1.15 this howto from mgunther guides you: http://discussions.flightaware.com/post177419.html#p177419


Thank you