dump1090 Versions

I’ma n00b :slight_smile: I installed piAware 3.3.0 and have it running fine, good reception etc. So now I’m naturally tempted to tinker with it. So generally I see dump1090 on git, there is also dump1090 mutability on git, and a few others. Then there is whatever is included in piAware.

Is the piAware code open sourced? The 3.3.0 notes indicate it is ‘aligned’ with the most recent mutability version. So i piAware isn’t open sourced is the mutability git a place to start to look at playing with the UI? Would that require re-imaging and starting over with mutability?

One specific example: I’ve seen some screen shots here where flight details of a selected plane are displayed in the right hand column, above the table of flights. In my piAware version those are displayed as a ‘pop up’ on top of the map column. Not sure where/who this change was made.

Sorry if this is explained some where. I did search the forum and read through a couple of the repository notes but it still wasn’t clear.


piaware and the dump1090 version used in the standard image are open source and available on github:


For the differences in display between dump1090-fa and dump1090-mutability, check out the posts from abcd567 here (and why isn’t this a sticky? :unamused: ):


Just the last few pages will probably tell you what you need to know.

Thanks obj for the pointers.

And thanks idh for the link to that post. I had seen it and started reading it but at 64 pages I wasn’t sure where it would lead. Now that I have a better understanding of how things relate, that long post makes a lot more sense.

I’m still a bit dazed at how many different source versions/branches exist. I’m thrilled these packages exist and thankful for all the hours put into them. For example if I do make some enhancements that I think might interest others, I have no idea at the moment which git I would contribute them (which is also a way of saying not sure I should touch the FA version or use mutability or …).

Related question: is there a ‘best place’ to ask technical implementation questions about dump1090? One particular forum or a Slack channel? In the mean time I will continue to study the 64 page thread :slight_smile:

dump1090-fa and dump1090-mutability are fairly similar internally. dump1090-fa is a little more recent.

On the web side dump1090-fa has had more work done on it.

For implementation details, github issues or direct email are probably best.