Does anyone use dump1090 on Windows?

Edit: For those that are interested, my windows compile of obj’s dump1090-mutability is here:

This version has all of the features that have been added to dump1090-mutability: -phase-enhance, -oversample, etc.

I have been running this version to feed to flightaware for a few weeks and saw an immediate increase in messages and planes.

For those that are interested, the majority of the effort required to compile dump1090-mutability on windows was put into finding windows libraries that would provide the timing functions typically used in linux.


I may be a special minority, but my main dongle is attached to a windows computer. This is then fed to a VM running piaware/dump1090-mutability.
In my initial searching for a windows version of dump1090, I found a relatively old build that runs on Windows (i.e. before -mutability it seems). This is what I currently use, but I was interested in benefiting from the enhancements that obj has added to dump1090-mutability.

I seem to have been successful in creating a windows build of the latest dump1090-mutability. I am testing it out to make sure that there aren’t any major crashes with it. If other people are interested, I will go through the trouble of packaging it and accommodating the license requirements of the various libraries.

So, does anyone use dump1090 on Windows? Would you be interested in a build that tracks the current dump1090-mutability?


I use official dump1090 for Windows from … e-windows/ in another project , but it isn’t support “–oversample” and “–phase-enhance” options.

I’m interesting in a build that tracks the current dump1090-mutability.

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I’m happy to take patches for windows support so long as they’re not invasive. (The previous windows support involved a lot of #ifdefs and extra copies of header files etc - that’s not really a great way to do it)

I don’t have a windows development/test environment, however, so I would need someone else to take on build/testing duties.

I also use the official Dump1090 on a Windows 7 machine. I would be really interested in trying out a Windows build that tracks mutability.

Is it broken? I have been using dump1090-win for a couple of years to share data with PlanePlotter on Vista and Win 8.1. While dated, it still works. Somebody took the lead to port it from linux to windows, but I don’t think that it has had ongoing support. It would be nice, but I don’t have the knowledge to do and don’t know anyone who does.

I updated the first post with a link to the download of my windows compile of dump1090-mutability: dump1090-win.

The biggest improvement over the other windows builds of dump1090 is that this version allows for the “-phase-enhance” and “-oversample” options that obj added to dump1090-mutability. It also has better timing hooks, so mlat may be improved (but I have no way to check this).

Thank you. I put dump1090-win to the testing.

Has anyone tried to build this for Windows using Visual Studio 2015? I am trying to build, and I get an error saying "timespec’: ‘struct’ type redefinition about 14 times. I have looked at it and been banging my head. interestingly enough, if I comment out the timespec structure, the thing compiles (but won’t link) and doesn’t complain about a missing timespec. So I am wondering if the compiler is including all the unix headers too.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

edit I have used 2010 Express to build with no problems, so this must be something specific to configuring the build environment for VS 2015 or the compiler is pickier.


I am interested to participate in beta testing of dump1090-win. I will download and install it shortly.

I have been occasionally using original “dump1090 for windows” during 2013 & 2014 when I did not have Raspberry Pi, and DVB-T was inserted into my Windows Desktop. I used the receiver-decoder “RTL1090” and adsbScope to plot maximum range. Here is a screenshot of this dump1090 for windows. It uses RTL1090 receiver engine, please see the screenshot of folder for it.

I do not have WS2015, so I can’t recreate your problem. At least you are able to compile it with the older version.

so i downloaded and running smooth. however, there is no localhost:8080 browser version for it. or is there and i missed?

You are correct. The windows version doesn’t include that option. There is a difference in how windows and linux allow serving files like that. I didn’t know if anyone cared about that option, so I didn’t worry about checking it.

How do i make gain adjustments on this version? Actually, how do I do anything with this version, LOL.

Help a noob out.

All of the commandline options are the same as the linux version.

Where do I put them? Is it the .bat file?

If you are using a *.bat file, then yes, put the options there. An example would be:

c:\dump1090\dump1090.exe --interactive --net

Obviously modify as needed for your specific situation.

Here is a line from my dump1090.bat file when I was in Florida recently. The ppm value was determined by running Kalibrate.
Hope this helps.
REM Sarasota FL
REM dump1090.exe --net --net-ro-port 30002 --net-beast --mlat --lat 27.34070 --lon -82.4825 --ppm -27.02 --modeac --net-ro-size 500 --net-ro-rate 5 --gain -10 --no-fix