Dump1090 Windows vs Ubuntu

Hi all, have a question on dump1090 on windows vs ubuntu. I setup a new pc running ubuntu 14, loaded up dump1090-mutability and piaware, have it all feeding great, doing mlat and all the goodies. My other machine is a windows box running dump1090 as well. My antenna is a 4 legged spider.

Question is, my windows box picks up planes twice as far out as the ubuntu box, on average I will lose planes at about 160 or so miles on the windows box while the ubuntu box only sees out to say 80-100 miles. Same antenna, same dvb dongle (even switched to a different dongle, same results). For the range, I am just viewing via PlanePlotters map and range circles. Dump1090 settings (gain, adjustment, etc.) are the same. Is this just due to the dump1090 code that it is not decoding the messages for the planes further out? I would have expected them to be close to the same for performance.


PS. Also cross-posted this on the PP list.

Did some more digging and comparing this morning.

I did end up having one thing different, I had gain set at max on the Ubuntu box and -10 on the windows box, I changed it to -10 on the Ubuntu box and now I am seeing about the same range. I also have fix-crc set to on and phase-enhance on for the Ubuntu box.

With dump1090-mutability, I am getting the plane icons in PlanePlotter with the concentric circles regularly now where I wasn’t before with the Windows setup, plus I get all the mlats from the flightaware network.

Will let this run for a bit and see how things settle out, getting ~200 message per second. I switched from a dipole to a spider antenna, and that doubled my reception/messages the other day.