Why do you use dump1090-mutability?


What are the things that you do with -mutability that you have trouble doing with -fa?


What is the difference between the two, apart from the webpage it displays (if that is one of the differences???)


Short answer:
Nothing really, it is only a matter of getting habituated to one software or the other.

Long answer:
Whatever I can do with dump1090-mutability, I can do with dump1090-fa (package install), and the procedure is only slightly different (i.e. instead of editing file /etc/default/dump1090-mutability, file /etc/default/dump1090-fa is to be edited

In piaware SD card image, the piaware-config controls most parameters of dump1090-fa, and file /etc/default/dump1090-fa is over-written by generator script at every reboot, so basically in piaware SD card image it is the generator script which need to be edited.

The worst case is the dump1090-mutability ver 1.14 installed by the built-in script of Flightradar24’s fr24feed.

The ver 1.14 is installed by fr24feed if it senses abscence of a decoder. This is generally ok as long as someone does not try to install dump1090-mutability v 1.15~dev or dump1090-fa. Such attempt results in disaster. Another bad point is that fr24feeder takes over ownership of dump1090-mut ver 1.14, blocks its auto start at boot, and ver 1.14 is started by fr24feeder.

The nightmare happens when in an installation with dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev or dump1090-fa, the fr24feeder setting are chosen “receiver=dvbt”. The fr24feeder’s script installs dump1090-mutability v1.14 over ver 1.15 or fa, creating a real mess.


Indeed. The working setup is to feed FA24 ModeS Beast (TCP) from localhost:30005.


True, but to the inexperienced/first time users, the option “receiver=dvbt” look very natural and logical and they choose it, save setting and restart fr24feed. The moment fr24 restarts with this setting, it runs the installation script for ver 1.14, and that does it.


Same with me, my RasPis R2 & R3 have dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev and my (mobile) RasPi Zero has dump1090-fa.
At first I did’nt like the new face of dump1090-fa, but now it’s OK for me and I configured it similar to ‘my’ dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev :
I ‘pimped’ both with additional buttons for “RPi-Monitor” and “statistics” (collectd); see red marker in screenshots.
Klick on button then opens a new tab in my browser.