Who's Flyin' Palin

Her ride for the book signing tour:


Here’s the charter operator’s information page on that aircraft:


Built in 1972, wonder if she knows that?

What does that matter? A properly maintained 37 year old jet will have very few of the original parts left. After each major overhaul (given every few years) the aircraft is almost like new.

Under “Cabin Amenities” it lists “Airshow” as one of the features. What is that? Do they get passes for a show or get to watch an airshow on the IFE system?

You can read about the “Airshow 400” system here:

rockwellcollins.com/products … rshow-410/

Ah. I feel dumb now. :blush: I’ve seen that on flights before but didn’t know it’s name. Thanks!


You may have noticed that up until your post, no politics was brought into this thread at all.

That may give a clue as to why the other thread was locked and why this one would benefit by keeping politics out of it.


There have been numerous other threads that have had an injection of politics where the thread found its own level. wazzu90’s thread was aviation related in its premise regardless of the other implications. Its locking was unnecessary and inconsistant given the content of other threads.

Just “sayin”…

Before Wazz’s thread was locked, some content which had NOTHING to do with politics was deleted.

Sorry about that, wazzu90. I checked before I started this thread but missed yours mentioning the same aircraft. Admin, feel free to lock it up.