Sarah Palin's bus tour

Considering the other team’s history of inappropriate use of military aircraft, photo flights, date night in NYC and demonetization of private air travel, I can’t believe they’re making a big deal about a private citizen (currently the #1 author in the country) and a book publisher chartering a private jet. Most entertainers fly between city’s and use their bus as a VIP lounge while visiting each city. Think about Sarah for a moment, if she’s at a book store or a Costco for 4-5 hours signing books, she might take a break, spend some time with her baby or other family members (her parents and other kids are on tour with her) not to mention use the restroom on the bus.

It took CBS almost a week to unearth a story covered by their local affiliate here. Excellent journalism!

Amazing how the media tries to put her face in the dirt! They always mention the little stuff like, “Palin’s private jet.” Now if it were obama, it would just be, “The private jet.” Little stuff like that goes a long way in getting Her out of here and not heard of anymore… My 2 cents are in… :angry:

I agree with both of you. The problem is that Sarah Palin is a strong woman but she’s isn’t liberal. The media just hate that.

They (the media) get all upset at this yet they don’t question jets used by the global warming scam artists like Gore, Travolta (5 aircraft!), Cruise (just bought his wive a Gulfstream), Winfrey, and others.

I say “go for it, girl!” Use your bus locally and fly longer trips. Oh, and make sure you emit a lot of carbon dioxide. The media and global warming scam artists won’t like it but trees, roses, lettuce, and other plants will thank you.

(Note to Will and others: Media is plural so it should be “the media try” rather than “the media tries”).

(Note to Will and others: Media is plural so it should be “the media try” rather than “the media tries”).

I didn’t know that ( there’s a lot of things I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: ) Thanks for agreeing with me.

              GO, SARAH! :wink:

They’re piling on.

Going along with what I said earlier, the liberal media are upset that the number one best seller is written by a conservative woman.

So what if she flies between her book signings. Look a the president - he flies to New York City to take his wife on date ON THE AMERICAN DIME! Yet, the media don’t get upset at that because he, like the media, are just socialist liberal idiots.

They (the media) would love it if Palin went to all of her book signings by bus. That way she wouldn’t be able to meet as many people as she can by flying.

If Palin was a baby killer (i.e. abortionist), was for allowing illegal immigrants into the country, hated guns, etc., etc., the media would be quiet about her jetting around. Because she’s not they try to bring her down every chance they get.

Sorry - I don’t usually pussyfoot around when I give my opinion. :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: I am so in “love” with that woman!! 8)

These are the times when I wish I could say publicly who I’ve flown, where and for what. Damn!!!

Ahem… “love.” I’m in LOVE too. :open_mouth: 8)