Whats with the desire to track Celebrities


I don’t get it. Seems a bit creepy to me.


I had to pick someone up in Concord, NH this morning and when I taxied in to the FBO ramp there was a throng of people lined up along the fence on the parking lot side. I mean tents, grills, empty 18 packs, blankets on the grass etc.

Apparently there’s a NASCAR race up there and these were stalkers erm fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the drivers arriving.

I’m all for hobbies and what-not, but if it involves skipping work and drinking large amounts of beer in a parking lot at 10:45 in the morning… well there might be some psychological problems involved. Just sayin’.


It’s because some people think celebrities are better than the rest of us. Why do you think there are so many shows that pretend to be news but are nothing but gossip rags (e.g. E!) They aren’t any better than the rest of us. They put their pants on one leg at a time (although I would like to see a couple of actresses put their pants on…).


I think part of it is the glamour of private jets. People like to know who is using them and since 95% of the people who use them are executives and heirs that virtually nobody has heard of, the people interested in those aircraft focus on the celebrities.


I’m a creep :mrgreen:

Came in on XOJ508


I guess I’m not a creepy stalker. I have no idea who that is. But my wife is the type who would say if we were in a race city before a race, hey, let’s go see who we can see. When the private jets arrive at my home field, I assume it’s some board room type or .001% chance it’s someone who thinks they’re famous but I’d rather talk to the military pilots that occasionally stop in at the FBO. A N lookup usually reveals a corporate name that matches the initials at the end of the number which to me satisfies any shred of curiosity and I find quite boring.