Nascar Changing Tail Numbers


I am relatively new to Flight Aware, so forgive me for perhaps asking a stupid question. I have looked through the archives and didn’t find an answer to this question.

It would seem apparent that the NASCAR drivers would have to change tail numbers on a somewhat frequent basis. IE: Jeff Burton’s N31JB a couple years ago. Does anyone know what is required to get your tail number changed?

I just took delivery yesterday on my Diamond DA-42 TwinStar. It is Super!!! I figure if the NASCAR guys do it, I need to come up with some catchy tail number. :slight_smile:

Thanks all !


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Not sure why you would assume Nascar drivers would need to change tail numbers on a frequent basis, but if I wanted to reserve a custom one, I might start at the FAA Registry System.


You can find more info by contacting these people


Only reason for them to change N numbers is if their car number changes. I think Jeff previously was N99JB. When he changed from Roush racing to the Childress #31 car he changed it to N31JB.


I still think that, if it is available and you DON’T like teams from NY, you can always do NYYSUX, NYMSUX, or just NYSUX. For some reason, this voice in my head is telling me that you can’t do any fo them for some reason…eh, it will come to me.


Here it comes:

N-Numbers consist of a series of alphanumeric characters. U.S. registration numbers may not exceed five (5) characters in addition to the standard U.S. registration prefix letter “N”. These characters may be one (1) to five (5) numbers (e.g., N12345), one (1) to four (4) numbers and one (1) suffix letter (ex. - N1234Z), or one (1) to three (3) numbers and two (2) suffix letters (N123AZ). To avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero, the letters “I” and “O” may not be used.

An N-Number may not begin with zero. The first zero in a number must be preceded by at least one of the numbers one (1) through nine (9). For example, N01Z is not valid.

Registration numbers N1 through N99 are reserved for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) internal use and are not available.

The FAA no longer issues numbers beginning with “NC”, “NX”, “NR”, or “NL”. On some older aircraft, these registration prefixes may be displayed in accordance with FAR 45.22.


DAMN YOU!!! I was just looking that up since our email at work just took a dump and doesn’t look to be back anytime soon…


Well, after a little more searching I found how to accomplish this on the FAA site.

Thanks!! Now to just come up with a catchy little number for flying around Chicago. :slight_smile:


Hey pika, that doesnt rule out N45UX (That’s the wrong 4 it should be the one w/ the open top, kinda looks like a y).


FYI: Jeff Burton’s tail number is currently N31JB. I’m thinking that a couple of years ago it was probably something like “N99JB,” since that was his old car number.


Couple hours late Erich, sorry!




That’s the story of my life… :angry: Shit–that’s what I get for hurrying through the forum on my way out the door!!

-On an unrelated note, I noticed that Dale Jarret’s Citationwas at KCAK yesterday (9/12). Other than a 4-hr. personal trip, the only reason I can come up with would be something with Goodyear (Of course, I guess there are quite a few UPS stores around, so he could have had an autograph session, but nothing that I heard about).


Any idea why Mark changed his registration from N6M to N6JR? I assume the JR means Jack Roush, but since he is no longer a Roush driver it just does not make sense. The aircraft still appears to be owned by Mark Martin Enterprises so it doesnt look like Jack bought it or reposesed it, and Mark is still using it since he flew it back home after the New York cerimonies.


Are you sure it’s the same aircraft? (the FAA database search is currently down so I can’t check the history.) Also unusual that the N6M registration is an “experimental” airworthiness certificate.


Yes it is the same aircraft, check the flight history for N6M and the N6JR and it shows the change seems to have occured in Ormond Beach immediatly after the last race. He flew home from the race to Spruce Creek then 23 minutes later the short hop to Ormond Beach then the change. Its Bizzare :astonished:


Just a guess, but I believe Mark’s original plane was a CJ2, and in an interview about a year ago he mentioned he ordered a CJ2+. Maybe that aircraft is reaching time to be delivered and he is selling the other to Jack. I believe he will have a new tail number due to his new race team. He has several reserved.


Scooter99 might be right here… lets see what happens with Mark’s jet…

Been following him for sometime (as well as N606JR)… Carl Edwards’ new plane is N355pm…


Scooter99 might be right here… lets see what happens with Mark’s jet…

It appears that Mark is now traveling in N302CJ (a couple of trips in or out of Batesville and Spruce Creek) and N6JR has now gone from Wichita (Cessna Head Office) in and out of Nashville.[/quote]


As of 2 days ago, N6JR departed out of TX and went to KBNA (Nashville).

It is still under the ownership of Mark Martin Enterprises Inc…

I did see that it went to Wichita, but has since moved on. Good info on 302CJ, perhaps he is looking at a new jet. Good Work!