Private planes


I thought I’d start a new topic about Private (not chartered or company private) planes.
Here are some to start it off.

Bill Gates:N887WM (Blocked)
David Lettermen:N502QS
Doctor Phil:N9561Y
Donald Trumph:N76DT
Jerry Jones:N1DC (Blocked)
Magic Johnson:N32MJ
Magic Johnson:N32KJ
Michael Jackson:N700EF
Michael Jordon:N84 (This flight is currently being tracked by London, UK radar facilities, and is restricted.)
Paul Allen:N705PC
Paul Allen:N650HP (This flight is currently flying under VFR “flight-following” rules and, as such, departure and destination information is not available.)
Paul Allen:N902AF (Blocked)
Paul Allen:N757AF (Blocked)
Paul Allen:N724AF (Blocked)
Paul Allen:N76AF
Paul Allen:N906AF
Paul Allen:N900AF (Blocked)
Randy Moss:N706SA
Tiger Woods:N138DS
Tiger Woods:N3106Q
Tiger Woods:N79TE
Tom Cruise:N3715B
Tom Cruise:N808TT (This flight is currently flying under VFR “flight-following” rules and, as such, departure and destination information is not available.)
Tom Cruise:N808TC
Tom Cruise:N808T (Blocked)
Tom Cruise:N51EW
Oprah:N54SL (Blocked)

Jason Giambi:N725JG
Michael Ilitch:N559LC (Owner of the Detroit Redwings/Tigers)
Patrick Kearney:N314PK
Troy Aikman:N408RT
Ziggy Wolf:N18MV (Owner of the Minnesota Vikings) (Blocked)

Please post any updates or new aircraft to this list.
Thanks, in advance.


John Travolta

This aircraft was N707XX for Page Flight back before Travolta got it.

Really nice inside, nice crew as well!


Michael Jackson:N700EF

This aircraft is also blocked. The entry on fboweb 2 years old.


These are the private planes of some golfers.

Arnold Palmer:N1AP (Blocked)
Darren Clark:N54JC
Ernie Els:N526EE (Blocked)
Fuzzy Zoeller:N303FZ
Fuzzy Zoeller:N96
Greg Norman:N60AN
Greg Norman:N1GN (Blocked)
Hal Sutton:N22HS
Jack Nicklaus:N1JN (Blocked)
Phil Mickelson:N800PM (Blocked)
Retief Goosen:N601PR
Sergio Garcia:N901SG
Tiger Woods:N3ZZ

Please post any updates and new aircraft.


Napoleon, Not sure about a couple of those. I doubt Tiger has a Skylane based in Ephrata, WA. The Letterman QS is a NetJets aircraft, I didn’t see anything linking it to Dave.


Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh: N1EB


Dare I mention that this aircraft was at one time blocked?



Shhhhhhhhhhhh 8)



Have no (or less) fear, it was removed from the block list in April.


For all the NASCAR fans here are some of there private planes.
Bobby Labonte:N100BL
Bud Richter:N102GK
Carl Edwards:N355PM (Blocked)
Clint Bowyer:N507P (Blocked)
Dale Earnhardt Jr.:N8JR (Blocked)
Dale Jarret:N88DJ
Darrell Waltrip:N500DW
Denny Hamlin:N131BR
Elliott Sadler:N610RP
Elliott Sadler:N119ES
Emerson Fittipaldi:N500EF
Jack Roush:N71761
Jeff Burton:N31JB
Jeff Gordon:N24JG (Blocked)
Jeremy Mayfield:N1JM
Jimmie Johnson:N480JJ (Blocked)
Joe Gibbs:N518JG (Blocked)
Joe Nemechek:N187JN
Ken Schrader:N207SB
Kevin Harvick:N229KD (Blocked)
Kurt Busch:N200KB
Mark Martin:N6M (Not quite sure about this one)
Michael Waltrip:N1MW (Not quite sure about this one)
Michael Waltrip:N155MW
Rick Hendrick:N600RH (Not quite sure about this one)
Robbie Gordon:N707RG (Blocked)
Roush Racing:N422BN
Rusty Wallace:N500WR
Terry Labonte:N500TL
Tony Stewart:N500TS (Blocked)

Please post any updates or new aircraft.


That N355PM was a Piper Meridian and think Carl sold it. He then bought the N31JB Citation CJ1 from Jeff Burton and re-registered it to N573CM, and has been flying it for a couple months.

Burton has a new Citation and it will also carry the same N31JB registration,


The Donald and his B727… based at either KPBI or KHPN I think.

I am going to have my eyes checked…I see it in the original list up top about the 4th down…man it is earl and I need a cup of coffee. :blush:


I don’t think N54JC is Darren Clarke’s ride anymore. I read in a golf magazine recently that he and Lee Westwood just bought a new jet together. Also, N22HS has a new owner, Falcon 200 Aviation LLC, based out of NY,NY. Hal lives in Shreveport, LA and this bird has not been in Shreveport in quite some time. Just my $.02.



El Rushbo’s G4 now has unknown owner as the registration.
Any ideas??



Interesting, I looked at it earlier and didn’t notice that. He’s off today and tomorrow so I thought it might be on the move. FAA now says ‘fee paid’ under PRN which was the previous registration, so maybe he’s upgrading.


30 seconds of sleuthing revealed the Controller listing HERE Only 2228 hours, Maha needs to get out more!





add these

Jim Carey

Ted Turner
He also has a 605 in completion currently.

Donald Trump B727
VP-BDJ … 931813.jpg


Does anyone know how to track the two flight that are blocked by either the UK Radar Facilities, or the VFR Flight Rules.

Thanks in advance,


VFR flights aren’t blocked per se - they just are not included in the FAA fesd.

From the Questions/Answers link shown on every page in FlightAware:

Can FlightAware track VFR flights? What about a VFR flight with a flight plan?
Some VFR aircraft with flight following are available on the position maps but it largely unreliable and no arrival/departure/flight plan data is available. VFR flight plans are irrelevant and only used by FSS for search and rescue. We suggest ensuring that aircraft are on an IFR flight plan from wheels up to wheels down for proper tracking.

Again, from the Questions/Answers

How does FlightAware handle international flights? (Back To Top)
Short answer: Not very well.

Long answer: FlightAware can only track aircraft that are being tracked by the FAA, which means aircraft only in the United States. For flights arriving in the US from an international origin, FlightAware will be able to track the flight once it is handed off to the US. For flights departing the US for an international destination, FlightAware will be able to track the flight until it leaves the US and then it will be lost with no arrival ever recorded or the arrival time will be the time it left the US.

Additionally, in the interest of “security,” the UK only allows people who have a legitimate business need (e.g. airlines) to be able to track aircraft.