The LeBron James Tour


I’m looking for help to track down the planes used on the LeBron James tour.

Anyone know the aircraft used by the Bulls or owner Jerry Reinsdorf?

Also looking for Miami Heat owner Micky Arison who also is CEO of Carnival Corp.

I found aircraft used by Cablevision who’s CEO James Dolan owns the Knicks. Anyone know the aircraft he might use?

Someone already posted Jay-Z’s plane and the NJ Nets owner so I think I’m set there.

Any help would be appreciated.



That’s not him- He’s staying in CT for Carmelo Anthony’s wedding


Maybe so, but he was at his camp in CLE today, flew to HPN, the closest airport to Greenwich, committed to Miami.
Melo’s wedding is Sat. I think LBJ could easily fly back to NYC Sat morning. He has more than enough means.
You may be right, but it’d be a pretty big coincidence if it wasn’t LBJ.


He’d fly in a G-V not a POS broke down Cessna Citation Sovereign.

Dude is a narcissist anyway. If you want to Track him, look for flights going into KOPF, I doubt he’ll be using Signature at MIA.


**There’s only one LBJ**


He did not stay for the wedding and did fly to Miami after the annoucement. BASTARD!


Yeah, that was him. … /KHPN/KMIA

No he did fly in the Cessna, ESPN is showing the video of him arriving.


To clarify…the bastard comment was aimed at James.
I am in Cleveland and know for sure that he is the most hated person in this neck of the woods. What I am pleasantly surprised with though is the reaction is the same in almost every city.


The only man to take the Presidential Oath on an airplane.


Anybody got a missle? How many death threats do you think Lebron is getting today?
Latest rumor that is swirling around Cleveland is that Lebron and Delonte West were not seeing eye to eye, seems Delonte took a liking to Lebron’s mom. Now, keep in mind, she is only 41 years old!


That’s good rwb. . . :laughing: (went through his hometown the other day. And yours, rwb)

Lets see if Cleveland can win the championship before Miami does. . .


Not going to happen :unamused:


WTF!?!? there were Will744/TeaParty Express South Texas Tour stops in my area and I wasn’t informed??? :smiling_imp: :laughing: :laughing:

thats real nice country up there around Johnson City, Perdernales River!!! hope ya had fun!


I dont follow B-ball, (I’m a hockey guy) but I can totally get behind Cleveland on this. What a jag. I gave that team more than they’ve ever had (paraphrasing)? ! I wouldn’t want him back if he wanted to come back. Although I know nothing about it, Cleveland can do much better than this turd.


Had a ton of fun!
We went on to Big Bend after that. . . Went and saw Mexico from this side. I got mad just looking at it! :stuck_out_tongue: