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New to this site, seems like your a good group! Anyway I’m getting into this kind of stuff and I was curious if they was a way to track a specific celebrity on there flight. For example I know that Isiah Thomas flys to the Westchester County airport all the time but how would I confirm that he is on there?
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Welcome Trueplayer. You will enjoy the site. I look it at several times per day. Probably don’t post enough but…

If you do some seaches from past history you will find many, many N#s and the like. Country music stars, PGA Golfers, and Nascar threads will reveal numerous info.

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Right - you need to know the registration number (N-number) of the celebrity’s plane. Many of the celebrities block their planes’ tracking data so they can’t be tracked. For those that are available for tracking, there is no guarantee that the celebrity is actually on a particular flight that you’re tracking.

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What I am asking tho is help with this type of scenario

Hank Aaron has a signing with Steiner Sports on Saturday. I know he lives in Atlanta. Is they’re anyway you find out what specific flight he will be on? There are multiple flights to and from Atlanta each day so it would be tough to just guess. Plus there are two airports in NY…

Any help with this would be amazing! If anyone has any other info on Aaron, like what airport he normally flies from or what airline he uses, I would very much appreciate that!


The creep factor in this thread is quickly rising.

No, short of stalking him there’s no way to know what plane he will be on.

And there’s more than two airports serving NYC.

Especially if he were to fly on a non-commercial aircraft.

That can be seen by the very informative subject line he used.

I did learn one thing - Hank Aaron is still alive. I didn’t know that.

Chances are he was sitting in first class on one of the Delta flights that arrives a few hours before the event.

For events like that, the event pays for the flight and it’s part of the celebrity’s rider. Celebrities can’t often demand a private jet in their rider, so they end up in commercial first class. In fact in my time in the industry I’ve seen some pretty big celebrities flying first class on our domestic flights (Leonardo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore, pretty much every ESPN personality, numerous US Senators, etc.)

Hi sir NeedleNose. Where I can find the registration number? Could you help me please?

Most celebrities do not have enough money to buy their own aircraft, so they charter, which means it can be a different aircraft each time. And in terms of getting a passenger list you wont.

To find the registration of a celebrity’s aircraft? Good old-fashioned Web searching. Many are listed here in various threads of the forums here. Others may be found elsewhere on the Internet.

Hi, I am Ema from Vermont. What site do I need to find the registry #?


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My Creepy sensors are tingling on these

registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … quiry.aspx

You can look up US registered aircraft on the FAA Registry. You can look up tail numbers, types, owners names, serial numbers . . .

However many of the private aircraft have hidden ownerships - which could be anything from held in trust, numbered company, or business name.

There are services like JetNet that charge $400 a month for all the information on who the actual owners are.