Mariners Players Private/Charter Jets


I was wondering if Ichiro Suzuki has his own Privite jet or one he charters alot, because I believe he was not on the team plane to Oakland.

Also, do any of the other Mariners have Privite Jets, or Jets thy charter alot, or do they all travel with the team.

Please post any other MLB/NFL/NBA players that have Private Jets.

Here are A few:

Jason Giambi:N725JG
Patrick Kerney:N314PK

Thanks In Advance,


Why not post them in the Sports Charters thread?

Come on, people, does anybody look to see if a topic has already been started before posting or do they think that no one else thought of posting their topic before?


Lighten up, Francis!


How about a separate forum for sports related topics?

There are over 41 topics on sports related aircraft. I know that many of these could have been combined but people, as I mentioned in my original posting, seem to think their posting is original and no one else thought of it.

Here’s the 41 topics I found. Notice how many are duplicates?

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