Ken Griffey Jr. and A-Rod Jet Tail #??

Does anybody know either of these tail #'s??

A-rod has several AC. Which Airplane are you looking to track?

just wondering if he flies separately than the team. Just curious

Gay-Rod…sorry I’m a Red Sox fans and that is how we refer to him. A-Rod’s tail number used to be N113AR (Reg AVIATION JETS LLC). Not sure if it still his after the divorce. Don’t know if Griffey Jr. has a jet or not.

Griffey, sold his fractional share 6.25% (Flexjet) back in September of last year. He has had many fractional shares over the years.

Thanks everybody!!

@cerberus – Do you know if he owns any fractional currently.

@flyboy97222 – What are his other jets??

Ken Griffey Jr. owns a Cirrus SR22. He is doing some training, but not a licensed pilot yet.

@aviator4512 – what is the tail #

He’s at KOSH right now.

So what are A-Rod’s current aircraft? N#'s?