Master Sports Topic

I thought it would be a good idea to make a Master Sport thread.
Because there are So many other Sports Threads.
These are the ones.

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So this thread is for all sports aviation related things.

With the All Star Game coming up, I was wondering how the All Stars would be getting to their destinations, since the teams are in different cities.
Would they take private aircraft,charter their own aircraft,have the team plane take them,or fly comercially?

New York Mets:DAL9805 … /KATL/KDEN
Colorado Rockies:N1773 … /KPHX/KDEN
Pittsburgh Pirates:DAL9824
St Louis Cardinals:AAL9435
Houston Astros:COA1900
Cleveland Indians:COA1901
Atlanta Braves:DAL9795
Los Angeles Dodgers:DAL9799
Cincinnati Reds:DAL9809
San Francisco Giants:DAL9815
Seattle Mariners:DAL9827
Philadelphia Phillies:DAL9836
Boston Red Sox:DAL9838
Chicago White Sox:UAL9904
Oakland Athletics:SWQ802
San Diego Padres:SWQ737
New York Yankees:DAL9817
Seattle Mariners:ASA7641-ASA7648
Arizona Diamondbacks:SWQ801
Baltimore Orioles:COA1907-COA1908
Kansas City Royals:MEP8501-8514
Los Angeles Angles:DAL9783
Minnisota Twins:NWA9987
Tampa Bay Rays:DAL9794
Texas Rangers:N757SS
Toronto Blue Jays:BSK691
Florida Marlins:BSK696
Milwaukee Brewers:MEP8301-UP

Detroit Tigers:N682RW
Washington Nationals:BSK699

Washington Redskins:UAL9987
Carolina Panthers:USA9095-Outbound
Carolina Panthers:USA9094-Inbound
Chicago Bears:UAL9900
Denver Broncos:UAL9902
Indianapolis Colts:NWA9966-Outbound
Indianapolis Colts:NWA9967-Inbound
Minnesota Vikings:NWA9968-Outbound
Minnesota Vikings:NWA9969-Inbound
New York Giants:UAL9905
San Deigo Chargers:DAL9820
Arizona Cardinals:NWA9964-Outbound
Arizona Cardinals:NWA9965-Inbound
St.Louis Rams:NWA9978-Outbound
St.Louis Rams:NWA9979-Inbound
Pittsburgh Steelers:USA9098-Outbound
Pittsburgh Steelers:USA9099-Inbound
New England Patriots:DAL9801
Cleavland Browns:N85CL
Kansas City Cheifs:DAL9789
Green Bay Packers:NWA9961
Green Bay Packers:NWA9962-Outbound
Green Bay Packers:NWA9963-Inbound
Miami Dolphins:AAL9401
New York Jets:N37NY(This also might be used with the Giants And Knicks)
Houston Texans:DAL9827(Also Seattle Mariners charter)
Jacksonville Jaguars:WOA3102
Jacksonville Jaguars:WOA3103-Outbound
Jacksonville Jaguars:WOA3104-Inbound
US Airways changed the flight numbering on these and used 9094 for all Panther flights and 9098 for the Steelers.
The Rams also use American for the shorter trips on the 752, the NW flights usually a 753,
Cleavland Browns:N85CL
Must be the owner’s plane as this aircraft is a Falcon 900. The team last year flew on Northwest,
Jets used Delta last year
The Texans now on Continental,
The Jaguars now on Delta,
Seahawks now on Hawaiian, flight number varies.
Ravens -
Bengals -
Lions -
Lions -
Titans -
Falcons -
Saints -
Buccaneers -
Bills -
Cowboys -
Eagles -
Raiders - (flight number varies)
49ers -

Jerry Jones:N1DC (Blocked)
Magic Johnson:N32MJ
Magic Johnson:N32KJ
Michael Jackson:N700EF (Blocked)
Michael Jordon:N84 (This flight is currently being tracked by London, UK radar facilities, and is restricted.)
Randy Moss:N706SA
Tiger Woods:N138DS
Tiger Woods:N79TE

Jason Giambi:N725JG
Michael Ilitch:N559LC (Owner of the Detroit Redwings/Tigers)
Patrick Kearney:N314PK
Troy Aikman:N408RT
Ziggy Wolf:N18MV (Owner of the Minnesota Vikings) (Blocked)
John Travolta
Arnold Palmer:N1AP (Blocked)
Darren Clark:N54JC
Ernie Els:N526EE (Blocked)
Fuzzy Zoeller:N303FZ
Fuzzy Zoeller:N96
Greg Norman:N60AN
Greg Norman:N1GN (Blocked)
Hal Sutton:N22HS
Jack Nicklaus:N1JN (Blocked)
Phil Mickelson:N800PM (Blocked)
Retief Goosen:N601PR
Sergio Garcia:N901SG
Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh: N1EB
Bobby Labonte:N100BL
Bud Richter:N102GK
Carl Edwards:N355PM (Blocked)
Clint Bowyer:N507P (Blocked)
Dale Earnhardt Jr.:N8JR (Blocked)
Dale Jarret:N88DJ
Darrell Waltrip:N500DW
Denny Hamlin:N131BR
Elliott Sadler:N610RP
Elliott Sadler:N119ES
Emerson Fittipaldi:N500EF
Jack Roush:N71761
Jeff Burton:N31JB
Jeff Gordon:N24JG (Blocked)
Jeremy Mayfield:N1JM
Jimmie Johnson:N480JJ (Blocked)
Joe Gibbs:N518JG (Blocked)
Joe Nemechek:N187JN
Ken Schrader:N207SB
Kevin Harvick:N229KD (Blocked)
Kurt Busch:N200KB
Mark Martin:N6M (Not quite sure about this one)
Michael Waltrip:N1MW (Not quite sure about this one)
Michael Waltrip:N155MW
Rick Hendrick:N600RH (Not quite sure about this one)
Robbie Gordon:N707RG (Blocked)
Roush Racing:N422BN
Rusty Wallace:N500WR
Terry Labonte:N500TL
Tony Stewart:N500TS (Blocked)

Please check on this registration. All N numbers that are single or double digits without letter suffixes are reserved for the FAA.

N84 is a Beech 300.

This is a great list. Hopefully everyone will post there sports-related topics here.

Keep in mind that the SWQ flights aren’t really dedicated to one specific team. The teams flying with them will have varying flight numbers 737, 801 and 802. And 802 actually appears to be dedicated now to McCain’s campaign, so likely no teams will be flying it anytime soon.
Here’s a before & after pic of SWQ802…Thanks to Tangojul for the find!

Bud Richter:N102GK
Carl Edwards:N355PM (Blocked)
Clint Bowyer:N507P (Blocked)
Dale Earnhardt Jr.:N8JR (Blocked)
Dale Jarret:N88DJ
Darrell Waltrip:N500DW
Denny Hamlin:N131BR
Elliott Sadler:N610RP
Elliott Sadler:N119ES
Emerson Fittipaldi:N500EF
Jack Roush:N71761

There are a few errors in this list. But this has already been discussed in th NASCAR AIRPLANES thread. N355PM is GONE, replaced by 573CM, N71761 is N6JR, N610RP is repeated already as N119ES, etc… ANyways why have a master sports thread. It seems easier to have a thread for each sport. As if someone does not care for Baseball ball charters but likes Football they can go that thread and look.

Also one other question, according to this list Tiger Woods has a Diamond Aircraft that is registered to Thomas Murray, and a King Air that is registered to Eagle Supprt group. Maybe this is correct , I do not follow golf aircraft that much. But I seem to see alot of post on him using Gulfstreams from QS.

And when the heck did Travolta and Rush become apart of a Sports team to be included in a Master Sports Thread?

Anyways unless otherwise objected to I am going to keep posting to Nascar Airplanes if that is alright.

I must have made a mistake in Travolta in with the sports charters.

How about a different thread for each specific sport and a master list for sports in general?

What? You never heard of the sport of Egotism? No one can say Travolta and Rush are not the masters of this sport.

And what makes YOU an expert on egotism? :stuck_out_tongue:

Being around certain people on and off of this board :open_mouth:

I was doing the trip kit for our upcoming trip to the US a few days ago and noticed that the guy who makes up intersection names must be a Yankee’s fan. Two that I saw around the Boston area: (sorry if I can’t remember the exact spelling) SUBZZ and JITER. Is that a dig or what…


Be careful if you’re around Dami…He’s nekkid!

Do you know if Ichiro Suzuki,Grady Sizemore,or Cliff Lee have private aircraft or aircraft they charter alot.

Thanks in advance,

Why does every MLB Charter plane take the teams where they need to go. Then go to another airport. For example:
Boston Red Sox:JFK-BOS then BOS to ATL
Seattle Mariners:OAK-MCI then MCI-DFW

probably so the plane doesn’t sit for 3 or 4 days for a series…the reposition the aircraft to use it for another revenue or charter flight

Icepilot7 is right.

An aircraft sitting on the ground is nothing but a big paperweight. It needs to get back in the air with paying passengers and/or freight as soon as possible.

The team could probably demand that the aircraft stay at the airport until they needed to use it again but then they would be charged for that. … /KTEB/KSEA … /KTEB/KBFI

These are flights I think the players took back from the all star game.

The players that needeed to come back were:
Grady Sizemore
Cliff Lee
Ichiro Suzuki

Anybody have any guesses on whose jet is whose?

This aircraft is shared with the NHL Dallas Stars. In fact, when the seasons overlap, the Rangers have to use the old 727 (N698SS) and the Stars get to ride the 757.

Does anyone know where sports charter planes that land at Seatac(SEA) park to unload the players? For example: Termanal,Cargo area,Tarmac.

Green Bay Packers Prez flies to Mississippi to visit Favre…