Baseball Charters?

With the start of baseball season just around the corner, I wonder if moderators might create a page with a listing of all the teams. Of course, this would only be possible if we find that teams use the same airline/flight number all season (which is likely).

I noticed a split squad of LA Dodgers took DAL 9799 tonight from Melbourne (near Vero Beach) to Las Vegas for a game with the Mariners. The whole team will be in LA tomorrow night for the freeway series starting Friday.

Looks like the Oakland A’s took ASH633A for a game against their minor-league affiliate in Sacramento this evening.

The Texas Rangers travel in N698SS, owned by Southwest Sports Aviation.

Link for photos:

Notice the tail logos…
Port side for Texas Rangers
Starboard side for Dallas Stars

Tried tracking the As last night as well and didnt see them. Guess I wasnt looking for a regional jet.

Any idea why they mght have done this? They are a major league club travelling with at least 25 players (cuts still to be made this week), plus another 10-15 support personnel (coaches, trainer, PR, etc.). Seems pretty cheap to me, and certainly not how they will travel starting next week.

Think maybe they only took a partial squad to the game and the rest went to Oakland?

Just curious.

to the A’s traveling im sure that not all the big names on the team were there but im not saying they weren’t its just that the big names don’t have to go to everyspring training game, most likely not against a minor league club. Once the season starts look for them to take something else from game to game. :smiley:

Looks like the Yankees flight from TPA to PHX:

wonder if that is the Flt # that their charters always use…

YUP…COA 1908 is going to be the Yankee charters…currently en route to KSFO to open the season in Oakland!

I am guessing this one was the Cincinnati Reds coming from Sarasota:

This may have been the Pirates as they played in Bradenton today and open Monday in Milwaukee:

This one appears to be the charter for the St. Louis Cardinals:

Does anyone know what the Boston RedSox flight is???

The Mariners fly DAL9827 on East Coast trips, and Alaska Airlines for midwest and west coast trips, but i don’t know the Alaska Airlines flight number. Does anyone know that flight number?