• Baltimore - COA1907
    • Boston - DAL9800 or NWA9990
    • Chi White Sox - UAL9904
    • Cleveland - COA1901
    • Detroit - N682RW
    • Kansas City - COA1905
    • LA Angels - DAL9783
    • Minnesota - NWA9987
    • NY Yankees - DAL9817
    • Oakland - PCE5836 right now varies per flight
    • Seattle - ASA7659 right now varies per flight
    • Tampa Bay - COA1911
    • Texas - N757SS
    • Toronto - BSK391

* Arizona - SWQ801 or other SWQ
* Atlanta - DAL9795
* Chi Cubs - UAL9907
* Cincinnati - DAL9809
* Colorado - N17773
* Florida - BSK396
* Houston - COA1900
* LA Dodgers - DAL9799 or NWA9993
* Milwaukee - COA1908
* NY Mets - DAL9805
* Philadelphia - DAL9836
* Pittsburgh - DAL9824
* San Diego - SWQ 802 801 737
* San Francisco - DAL9815 or NWA9992
* St. Louis - AAL9435
* Washington - BSK399

quite a few of these should be leaving spring training today.

Is that the spring training everyone has been talking about? I thought they were talking about spring college football. :laughing:

Cubs are UAL 9907

Cincinnati Reds are DAL 9809

Washington Nationals

Baltimore Orioles- Continental 1907

Cleveland Indians

Houston Astros- Continental 1900

Does anyone know the LA Dodgers tail number?

DAL9799 = LA Dodgers

thank you

It seems the Reds used a NW A320 for their trip from Milwaukee to Houston … /KMKE/KHOU

i think u maybe right about the reds they did take delta to mke though

This is all I will say on this matter at this time.

It looks there are more young people joining this forum. How can I tell? The grammar is worse than flies on crap. I’ve been noticing a lot of posts recently like this one.

  • No capitalization
    “i” should be capitalized
    “reds” should be capitalized because it’s referring to the team
    “delta” should be capitalized because it is referring to the airline
    “mke” should be capitalized because that’s the common usage when referring to the airport codes
    -“u” is not a word but a letter. Try using “you” instead
    -Period should be used after “reds”
  • Comma after “mke”
  • Period after “though”

The following doesn’t apply to plixor but to everyone in general.
I know this isn’t school and you aren’t applying for a job but if you are going to post here or another forum, have some pride. Don’t make yourself look like an ignorant person.

This, I think, looks much better and would make me think the poster is intelligent:

“I think you may be right about the Reds. They did take Delta to MKE, though.”

I can see if the person’s original language is not English. However, that is not the case in the postings I’ve been seeing lately. I can usually tell when a person’s first language isn’t the one he’s posting in.

Sorry - I’ll get off my soapbox now.

No comment…

Sorry demiroos i am posting from my phone lol

Not an excuse as far as I’m concerned. I’ve posted from my phone and still managed to use correct English.

How about this Juan (sorry James)?

FO (and no, it’s not First Officer)

Nobody cares.

4 damiross

i Thinking plane broken in mKE bcause plane flew 2 atlanta, know use in broke planes fly 1000000$ persons?

Sorry damiross, I had to get in on the fun.

Funny! I’m glad someone has a sense of humor when I go on a rant! :smiley:

You you don’t like my funny picture? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I like heat but that’s a tad hot for me.