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Does anyone have the rockies plane? Thanks


I,m looking for the New York Mets charter aircraft ? :question:


Mets is DAL 9805


Thanks I had it already , but wasnt sure until today the alert was sent to me .It departed atlanta 6:15 P.M. EST.and arrive LGA at 7:46 P.M. EST. I ,m still trying to figure out how to paste the history or flight track in e-mail or on this forum? :question: :question:



rockies: … /KSTL/KDEN




Thanks for info on the CUBS CHARTER aircraft ! :exclamation:


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Can anyone find out the Oakland Athletics plane number?


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I couldn’t find anything for their trip from Cleveland to Chicago, so they might have chartered a couple buses (yes it still happens in the major leagues), or they are using a private charter plane with a blocked number. After Tuesday’s game, check the flight finder for flights from Chicago back to Oakland. Look for a flight that doesn’t belong, like a strange flight number or airline, and that would likely be theirs.


Ok, I’ll try that and see how it goes. Since you’ve been so helpful, if you could also take a look after Tuesday nights game, that would be awesome, as you probably have a better eye for this stuff, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the help!


The A’s play a day game on Tuesday. Look for their flight to depart 2-3 hours after the game is over. That’s a typical time frame.


Oakland A’s


Oakland A’s

Also, look at:


Awesome. Thank you!


Good catch! I forgot about Burke-Lakefront.


Looks like the Padres are also using Swift Flight. … /KSAN/KPHX

Also of note, Padres & Rockies will be leaving tonight sometime… game is in the 14th inning, and both of their planes are now planned to depart after the curfew starts. Large sums of money will be changing hands. I think the fine might be $25K, but I’m not sure…


Padres and Rockies went 22 innings last night! Their flight eventually left at 0300 PDT. SWQ737