Dodgers' United(?) Charter


I saw on the Dodger’s website where they have a new ‘partnership’ with United and that United will be their official airline. If so I assume United will handle their charter. Does anyone have any number for this? They have used Delta for the past few years. Thanks in advance.


Still miss the Boeing 720 N1R Click Here.


Thanks. That boneyard photo always makes me sad. I never knew they used an Electra too, earlier.


The dodgers charter flight number is COA 1902


A DC-6 before that and before that the Brooklyn Dodgers used a Convair 440. All with the tail number N1R.


Thanks a million, Msarazen! Pat, I did not know that either. I appreciate all the info.


Does anyone have a current flight number for the Dodgers charter? They still fly United, but the COA 1902 from last year shows the last flight in September of last year. Any info would be awesome!


After doing some research, I’ve found the Dodgers charter this year is UAL 1802.


When did the Dodgers get rid of their company aircraft - N1R, B720?


Rzjets lists it delivered to the Dodgers in 1971. So, it was sometime between 81 and 86 according to photos. I’d guess around 82 or 83 or so. As a Dodger fan growing up, I heard Vin Scully mention it fairly often (“The Dodgers will board Kay-O about two hours after the game and fly to… arriving at…” etc) I guess I don’ really remember hearing much about it after 1980 or so.

July 1981, still in use:

By 1986…boneyard:

BTW, Trublue21, thanks for the heads-up!