OJ Simpson's Tail NUmber/Flight Info?


Does anyone have any information on the tail number and/or flight infor for OJ from Las Vegas to Miami?


If he’s flying in a government (i.e. Department of Justice) registered aircraft, you will not be able to track it. I suggest just keep watching the news and see if you can see any aircraft he gets on and try to get the registration and/or type of aircraft then plug in the figures into FlightAware.


I am sure I was not the only one who, upon seeing the subject line, didn’t think there might be breaking news about a flight OUTSIDE the U.S.
But maybe I was the only one. …Tim


He’s out on bail so he could fly commercially. I’ll bet the press would be all over that departure.


US Airways Flight # 888 out of LAS to FLL, sitting in Row 4, Economy.


:unamused: Yawn! :confused:


I see your yawn and raise you 2 yawns.


O.J. can afford to buy a plane ticket? :open_mouth:


What ever happened to his Bronco? Yawnnnn.


Maybe next flight will be on ConAir?



Who Cares?


I second that emotion…


From the AP “Flying with OJ