Jon Benet Suspect's flight


For anyone who cares, the sicko (whether guilty in this particular case or not, this guy’s a total creep) that claims to have “accidentally” killed Jon Benet Ramsey will be arriving at LAX on THA794 at 9:00p.m. PST (midnight for us Easterners).


I believe John Ramsey has a Bonanza. Anyone have the N number?


IF he’s not guilty, I wonder if he’s considered ALL of the RAMifications of confessing to the crime…

I think he’s a very good-looking young man. I’ll bet lots of other inmates will fall in love with him. I’m sure he’ll get a lot of action when he gets to his final destination! :smiling_imp:




Arrival 12:01 PDT @ Long Beach Airport


Just Called in LA and told them about on this flight. They said thanks for the news tip :slight_smile: on what airport it was planning to land at in Colorado.


Looks like a bumpy flight back.


Looks like it diverted. Probably to avoid a media frenzy. Did they really think they could escape the press? There were choppers hovering as the plane landed, and the police convoy heading to the prison in Boulder. Having said that, it’s hard to tell what the situation at 1V5 looked like.


Very tricky! Should have seen that one coming.


According to the Denver Post article linked below, the plane diverted to BJC because of gusty winds and 1V5’s short runway…seeing that the Boulder County Jail is literally right across the street from 1V5, it of course would’ve made much more sense to fly him in there, but I guess the winds didn’t permit it…

Also, here’s a Google Maps shot showing the jail relative to 1V5…the jail is the large white roofed building with a courtyard in the lower left corner… … 008025&t=k


Wow, that is close. They could’ve walked him across the road!

(They should have just dropped him out as they flew by at pattern altitude.)


If I’m ever elected to public office, it’ll become standard operating procedure.


Geeze guy, he’s not even officially accused of anything yet.

Although I’ll grant you that he’s already convicted in most folks minds as a world class creep!


You’re right! Whether he did it or not (and there seems to be some conflicting information there), he is most definitely a twisted, creepy v<!


He’ll probably be charged next week. If he didn’t do it, what a bastard he is for dragging the family through this!! That’s nearly as sick as the original crime!! I’m all for the American justice system, but it sometimes lacks teeth. Grant him his sex change, but do it with a rusty ax. Then, put some makeup on “her,” and release her to the general inmate population…if convicted, of course. :wink:


His eyes totally creep me out. The way he holds his head perfectly still with that pale dead face and moves his eyes around like a gecko…
Dude needs help, that much is certain.


Ramsey on Monday denied the reports that they are dating. He said that he and Twitty have a special friendship based on tragedy.

Lots of trips to Alabama!