bruce springsteen

Does anyone know what bruce springsteen and/or the e street band flies on to their shows? I know bruce is currently in dc for the inagurations this week.

would love any help anyone can give.


I trust he took public transportation so as to reduce his carbon footprint.

For most of last year’s Magic tour he used a Midwest Express charter operated by Pace Airways. Route was typically EWR to the concert city…usually timed to arrive about 4:30 local time. Most nights, unless the next show was in a very close city, he would return back to EWR arriving at 3 or 4 in the morning. Hey, when you’re the Boss, you make the rules. For the European leg last summer, they used one of Mark Cuban’s planes - the custom 757 operated by Pace and MLW Air. It also flys the Dallas Mavericks around during the NBA season. Not exactly a direct answer to your question, but some insight into the travels of the Boss.

Thanks. That helps a lot. I believe I found their flight leaving Tampa tonight. Thanks again for the insight.

Would you like to share that flight? I think a lot of people here would be interested in that.

sorry about that, i didn’t even think.

dami’s been rubbing off on you lately. Has he been giving you lessons? :wink: