Bruce Springsteen

I am a HUGE fan of The Boss, If any other fans here care to know his tail number is ACA7025/7026= Seems he has leased an Air Canada Airbus for his Working On a Dream Tour, Lots of fly in;s day of shows, Pretty cool to follow

I’m a fan of Max.

I’m partial to Silvio

and The Big Man, myself.

Little Stevie is awesome too!

Yep the Air Canada was the plane yesterday in Tulsa.

Gotta love LaBamba!

Anyone know if the “MW7” is going with Conan to The Tonight Show?

Yes! The guys are moving to L.A. and will be on the new show.


Looks like the last date published for Bruce’s tour is August 2nd, but Conan’s first Tonight Show episode will be on June 1st. Guess Conan will have a skeleton crew band for the first few months as he did the last couple of weeks of his Late Night show. I wonder if that’ll have a negative impact on his Tonight Show ratings…

It was actually announced the other day that Max’s son is going to fill in for him in the E Street Band on tour when Max has to do the Tonight Show.

it looks like they changed flight numbers tonight.

Any update? I am looking for autographs. Thanks!

Sorry - only aircraft are tracked here, not autographs. But if you send me a SASE I’ll send you mine.

It looks to me like they flew North American Airlines home from Ft. Lauderdale after the show on Sunday.

Will have to wait until Wendnesday to see what happens between KEWR and KCAE.

Permalink: … /KFLL/KEWR


it looks like they a flying a 757 from newark to greenville/spartanburg today.

Give the permalink - you can get it by clicking on the date of the flight then copying the URL from the address bar. I did it the last time. You can do it this time for practice.

By giving the permalink a person can click on the link and get the exact flight you are talking about anytime in the future. Right now it may only be one flight but the operator could always reuse the flight number and then your posting would be for naught.

i wanted to ask how you did that. thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the info guys, I’m going out there to try to get a few pics. A friend of mine works at the FD at GSP and sometimes he can get me on the ramp. I’ll post 'em here if I can.