Charlie Sheen


Heading out for the torpedo tour…or whatever it is:


Snoop Dogg will be with him in Chicago :laughing: … -tour.html


Dont thnk the ivis him. The pictures of him from his trip to bahamas showed an interior that looked like a falcn 2th or 900. Think this is him

Pic of him on the plane:

775st syncs up with the timing of his bahamas trip too


Looks like it is the Falcon, its heading to Chicago next where he performs tonight.


Looks like you’re right. Thanks for the correction.


He flew in on N220LH, and is on a tour bus for at least the next few cities. N775ST is being used by 10-12 of his staff/crew…


doesnt look like he is on either one. is he still flying around? i heard he might be on a tour bus


He did a show in Washington, DC Tuesday night (Apr. 19). Doesn’t look like either plane was anywhere near the DC area at the time.


It’s real easy to find Sheen’s plane - just look for a flight with the call sign of Scum Bag 1


I have thought that some might find him outlandish, but why a Scum Bag?


Are you serious? Haven’t you heard about his antics? He uses cocaine and other drugs. He abuses women. His character on 2 and half men isn’t too far off what he is like in real life. He is selfish and egocentric.