Rolling Stones?

Been trying to figure out what the Stones tend to fly - anyone know?

They have a concert here in Halifax tomorrow night and I thought it’d be cool to be on hand when they came in - although they might already be here by now, so it could be when they went out…

I found a forum about Mick Jagger and asked there if anyone knew about the Stones preferred aircraft and the wing nuts acted like I had two heads. It’s like they never heard of stars having their own airplanes before or something. Nobody I’ve talked to on the field seems to know anything (that they’re admitting anyway), including the tower guys - I queried Ground tonight as I was taxiing in and he said that they heard the Stones were in but didn’t know what they came in - bummer!

Hey blue,

Just check out as I am sure you have. There is a pretty nicely painted 757 on there from July. And it seems Mark Cuban of the MAvericks has lent his 757… Also, looks like they need an Atlas 747 for the equipment as well.

Im sure there is a kick ass private 767, 737 or 757 somewhere on the field. What about TAG’S 757’s?

You are like me… Just love to research and find out about the celeb’s… Whenever I pass Eagle out here in CO I am writing tail numbers down to see who is in town.

have a great weekend.

I meant PrivatAir not Tag… Sorry…

You may want to check out aircraft flying from Boston to Halifax and back. The Stones have been known to base themselves in Boston when touring the northeast, flying back every night after the show. I think when they started this tour just over a year ago they pretty much stayed in Boston for the first 3 weeks of shows, except for a night or two.

Don’t know if this helps or not…I know the Stones were at KPSM yesterday around noon because my friend works there and e-mailed me to rub it in.

I think he/she was yanking your chain, AirportOps1, because they had a concert last night here in Halifax and I can’t imagine they were that late getting here.

I never did find out anything definite, but the rumors were certainly flying around like crazy. One rumor was that they had chartered an Air Canada jet - dunno - tried the search on flight arrivals, but there were just too many to figure out which might be them. Oh well, I’m not actually a Stones fan, just thought it’d be cool to be on hand to see them…

The Stones are using an Air Canada Jetz A320, they arrived in Halifax at 6:39pm local Friday night. From what I see they left on Sunday 4:00pm local for Providence Rhode Island AC7034. Then the plane did a short hop to LaGuardia then back to Halifax and then to Toronto late Sunday. My guess is some Stones went to Rhode Island and some to New York then the plane went back to pick up Michael Cohl and take him to Toronto (he is based there). Keith has a place in Conecticut and Mick has a place in NYC, the next show is Wednesday in NJ so it all adds up.

There was this Flight from KPSM to Halifax on Friday. Check the history and you will see it also flew from KPVD to KLGA yesterday (Sunday) and the next show in at Giant Stadium. It appears they use ACA7034 on the return from Halifax to KPVD

This looks like the correct plane. Flew from Wichita to Missoula today. Their last concert was Sun. in Wichita (I think). Playing Missoua on Wed. night.

ACA7033 and/or ACA7034. Their show in MSO was great.

Can someone explain why a 2+ hour flight is showing up as 46 Mins?

Simliar question here but no answer yet. Both flight’s tracks are lost over almost the same spot in Idaho.

Last night the Stones were flying from El Paso to Austin due to depart at 4:00pm local. From 4-6:30 local, it was still showing under “Scheduled Departures” on the El Paso screen, yet at 6:10pm when you clicked on the actual flight it showed it landed in Austin.

Note the flight screen shows no details other than the original proposed flight times, and is missing the departure time. What is going on with the tracking problems FlightAware seems to be having?