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The Who tour plane 2013 ??????

Anyone have a lead on them? I have a buddy that works at the Louisville airports and would like to get some pics up when they come in next month, but havent been able to find them!

I’d like to know as well. Anyone have a tail #?

Check activity between the different cities on the tour and you might find a charter listed…
usually they will depart an hour or so after the show. Good luck!

I believe it is their protocol to fly in about 2 hours before show and fly out after. Can anyone confirm this?

Anyone know what airport they’d fly out of from LA?

LAX is the closest but it could also be BUR or VNY. Its easier to just check OAK arrivals.

On short flights they might just fly day of show. Don’t see anything that looks like them flying last night, keep checking today.

Yeah not seeing anything yet either. From what I’m told when they’re playing on the east coast (Baltimore, DC, Philly, Boston, NYC, etc) they just stay in New York the whole time and fly to the other cities on the day of the show. I imagine they do the same thing for California shows. I will post a link if I see anything within the next couple of hours.

Your starting to remind me of the Kate Hudson character in the movie Almost Famous.

Far from it. I’m probably just making this more complicated than it actually is.

This is the only one so far today that looks like it could be them… any thoughts?
flightaware.com/live/flight/RSP6 … /KSMO/KOAK

They should be going from Oakland, CA. to Reno, NV. then tonight or tomorrow… havent been able to find anything yet… maybe using a new plane in each city???

Flight I posted above was incorrect.

After talking to a guy in Oakland I believe this was their flight in


They are flying to Reno tomorrow.

It looks like this plane is flying to Las Vegas today, not Reno, NV… Dont think this is it either!

They probably stayed in SFO for the OAK show, and could have gone back to hotel in SFO and will leave from there this afternoon.

Thats exactly what they did/are doing ^^

Im convinced they are using a new plane for each city… the tail numbers never follow the tour schedule! Cant find anything from Denver to Tulsa tonight… hoping to find something from Tulsa to Louisville Thursday or soon after…

Its impossible to fly in the day of the show and fly out right after for multiple shows… (if you fly out after, you get into the next city the night before, not 2 hours before)… where did you get this info???

That assumes they fly to the next show city. Some artists fly home or to another base after the show.

And they could be flying on a plane with a blocked number.

They are not using just one plane on this tour. Roger and Pete each have a different plane. Roger’s is always blocked (so I’m told), but Pete’s sometimes shows up. By that I don’t mean that they each are using a plane for this tour… but rather that they are each using a different plane for every city. I was able to find Pete’s on 2 or 3 dates thus far.

Here is Pete’s flight from Las Vegas to Denver this past Sunday evening. He flew out right after their show in Vegas.

flightaware.com/live/flight/PEG9 … /KLAS/KAPA

I believe they will be flying in for the Tulsa show tomorrow afternoon and will either fly out to Louisville right after or stay the night here.

I meant for whenever the band is not staying in that particular city. Should have been more clear. Zulu is right on about the home base. After their show in Reno NV, they had 3 off days I think before the San Diego show. They flew back to LA right after the Reno show. When they’re near the west coast it appears that they use LA as a base and on the east coast they use NYC.