does sammy hagar fly private jet or commercial?


IF anyone has any info, I’d GREATLY appreciate it! Need help on this ASAP!! If he does have private jet, does anyone know the tail number??? Thanks in advance!


Need help on this as well. He is playing in Tulsa on January 18th. Will he fly in the day before?


I suggest checking the rest of the tour schedule, typically musicians finish a gig then head to the airport although I am sure there are exceptions. That is what happened when I flew tours. I got to see plenty of the country at 2AM!! About the only time we didn’t do that is when there was an off day. Because of the weird schedule I suspect most big time musicians use charter flights. Check here to see what aircraft came and went on the rest of the tour, that will give you an indication of what might be happening.


Just out of curiosity, why do you need this information ASAP? Are you a stalker? :smiley:


Yeah that seems to be the case. I was just curious because its not really a “tour” date per say. It’s the only date scheduled over the past month. There is a show on the 20th a few hours away from the Tulsa show, but other than that his tour dates are pretty scattered. Just didn’t know (regardless of private vs commercial) if he would fly in the day of the show or the day before.