Van Halen


Van Halen is coming to Dallas next week and I was just wondering if they have their own plane, fly commercial or ride the tour bus??
I tried to find anything on Van Halen through the “search” option, but …not much, just a lot of Van Nuys stuff. I am new to this but I did try before asking. I did see that ya’ll helped the person asking for info on Reba so…???
Thank you for your help :wink:


Here’s a suggestion for the search feature. After entering your search terms, check the radio button for “search all terms.”

I did that but unfortunately couldn’t find anything regarding Van Halen’s travel plans in the forum.

I tried a search on Google but couldn’t find anything there regarding his aircraft.


Two of the original four members were Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex Van Halen. That means 50% of them were Van Halens. Now it’s 75% Van Halen with the addition of Wolfgang Van Halen. He’s the son of Eddie and Valerie Bertinelli.

To answer the OP’s question. Most entertainers don’t own their own aircraft. Most perform 3-4 days in a row then take 3-4 days off. They usually ride the bus while on tour and then fly home for a few days.


I was told by a limo driver at the Philadelphia MS casino as I asked them do they see famous people fly into KMPE is exactly what Wazzu sez above.

The main reason entertainers rather use ground transportation is because the equipment is too much to shlep between airports and hotels / arenas, so it’s more efficient to use a travel trailer or bus where they can just back it up to a loading dock, move 'em on in, set up and move 'em on out after the event. And of course, they get their own private entries so they don’t get inundated by their fans.

No fuss, no muss, no big chance of lost or extended separation time from the equipment. Plus the equipment I am sure is quite pricey should it get “lost” in transit.


Iron Maiden leased a 757 that Bruce Dickinson captained, but that has beed discussed before. Just a reminder.


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Back in the early 90’s, I flew with Van Halen from DFW to Wichita, KS. It was when Sammy Hagar first joined the group. Got their autographs along with many of the other people at the airport. They flew in First Class (not that there were many seats there). Didn’t get to see the concert that night but back then they flew commercial.


I saw Hagar with VH on October 16, 1986. :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw them with David Lee Roth at Nassua Colliseum in November 1983.

Show was supposed to be in Oct, but was resheduled because Eddie broke his thumb I believe, been a long time since then and I was a pot head in those days. Great time had by all.


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Thanks Ya’ll for all your help and comments…
I can see the bus thing on the regular tour but they had a very unusual schedule this half, well before it was post-poned. They would have a show like every-other night supposedly due to Wolfgang’s age/school requirements. Now they threw this 2nd show in Dallas between 2 cities that are not even close, I guess I need to check the schedule again but it was between the Atlanta show and I think something crazy like Florida or some other state…I’ll check and use all your advise and comments.
Thanks Again!


On TMZ tonight they showed Eddie getting frisked by TSA. It appeared to be at LAX.


That’s good to know…Thanks!