When are they going to Vegas??

Also, why did they charter a jet instead on this tour instead of flying their BAE jet?

departure at 8am on the 8th

who are you talking about?

Sorry, I left my secrete decoder ring at work.

Sorry, I meant to reply in the U2 forum…somehow posted in the wrong forum. Thanks for the funny comments and sorry for the confusion.

How do you post about something, and you have not even been reading about it on this thread! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

will look at the bottom, he hit the start a “new topic” not the “post reply”

Ohhh, OK. Still funny though! :laughing:

NBAA goes to Vegas in 2011.

Woo, escape from Orlando!

(posted from the hotel bar… in Orlando)

Uh. Mark. We need to talk man. Posting from a BAR at 10:48AM?

Does Dbaker know about this problem?

(why do I have this bad feeling that the answer is going to be “of course he does. He is sitting next to me”?)

What, you think 10:30am at the bar is reserved for charter pilots? :smiley:

dbaker (and everyone else) skipped off to Houston yesterday after the show.

I used to travel with someone who was waiting for them to roll up the cage door at the airport bar at 7am.

Oh yeah @wazzu90 our good friend BRW!