U2 is coming

U2 is back in the states starting a tour this Saturday in Chicago. Anyone have any info on their travel arrangements?

They used an Air Canada A320 charter back in 2005 for the Vertigo tour.
We’ll have to wait till after the Chicago show to see what they’ll use this time.

Picture, Special Livery

I doubt with the current charter bans by the US and Canada that they will be on an AC aircraft inside the US.

12 September, 2009 Chicago IL Soldier Field

13 September, 2009 Chicago IL Soldier Field

16 September, 2009 Toronto ON Rogers Centre

17 September, 2009 Toronto ON Rogers Centre

20 September, 2009 Boston MA Gilette Stadium

21 September, 2009 Boston MA Gilette Stadium

23 September, 2009 E. Rutherford NJ Giants Stadium

24 September, 2009 E. Rutherford NJ Giants Stadium

29 September, 2009 Washington DC FedEx Field

01 October, 2009 Charlottesville VA Scott Stadium

03 October, 2009 Raleigh NC Carter-Finley Stadium

06 October, 2009 Atlanta GA Georgia Dome

09 October, 2009 Tampa FL Raymond James Stadium

12 October, 2009 Dallas TX New Cowboys Stadium

14 October, 2009 Houston TX Reliant Stadium

18 October, 2009 Norman OK Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

20 October, 2009 Phoenix AZ Univ. of Phoenix Stadium

23 October, 2009 Las Vegas NV Sam Boyd Stadium

25 October, 2009 Los Angeles CA Rose Bowl

28 October, 2009 Vancouver BC BC Place Stadium

This should cover it

Air Canada can’t run charters within the US anymore, only from US cities to Canada and vice versa.

AC has now sued the Obama administration over this


“It is wreaking havoc on the hockey season, may damage the National Basketball Association season, and exposes Air Canada to claims from its customers,” the airline said in court documents filed Wednesday. “Air Canada seeks a declaration vacating this directive and requests relief in time to salvage at least part of the upcoming sports season.”

Maybe if AC can get an injunction, they can work this out like it was before. I think as long as no new passengers board or get off between 2 US cities, then AC Jetz should be allowed to fly here, after all these are Charter flights.

Another article on how this all happened,


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Check this link out.
Cool airplane in video.
Looks like Midway given the SWA presence.
U2 360 - Chicago - Countdown to Lift Off - YouTube)

Cool vid.

This might be the aircraft,


flightaware.com/live/flight/N129 … /KEWR/KMDW


They have contracted Air Canada Jetz to fly them around for the next three months…for their North American Tour.

Here are pics of the plane.

flickr.com/photos/news46/set … 408/detail

Can’t use Air Canada on point to point travel inside of the US, please read the links in this thread.

I do see this flight from MDW to YYZ so guess this was them.

flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA7 … /KMDW/CYYZ

If they base out of YYZ and fly back to Canada after every US show, then they could use the Jetz aircraft. Otherwise, don’t see them on Jetz again until the flight to BOS and the flight from LAX to YVR at the end.

The video above definitely shows the aircraft was a Boeing and it could not have been AC anyway since it operated EWR-MDW, only a US carrier could do that flight.

I see the plane in the pictures but guess the decals were done before the law was changed and they will just leave it. Edge even made a comment in the video about the “borrowed aircraft”. That says to me that he wasn’t on the plane he wanted to be on. I guess they were told about the recent changes but like everybody else, they must comply with the law.

Looks like charter ban issues might have been resolved and a tentative agreement is in place, but still don’t understand this statement by a US official:

Despite the prospect of a settlement, a Transportation Department spokesman reaffirmed the Obama administration’s opposition to allowing a foreign airline to carry passengers from one U.S. city to another.

The U.S. “will continue to enforce any violations,” Bill Mosley said in a statement, adding that “we are close to resolving this matter.”

So is it really resolved or not?

Story here

I didn’t see U2 flying out of YYZ yet, maybe they will hang out in Toronto for a couple days.

The plane C-GQCA is currently at PIT…flew out of YYZ this afternoon.

It also flew down to CHS while U2 was in Toronto.

AFAIK…U2 is still in Toronto…taking in the last day of TIFF…Toronto International Film Festival.

Also…this just posted by Air Canada…

cnw.ca/en/releases/archive/S … c6885.html

Good deal, wish they were coming here.

Flying back to YYZ tonight (2009-09-18)

Hey Tim Coble… Did you see U2 in Ames in 92? I was there!

Here’s a link to a vid from the U2 website.


Shows Edge pulling up to what looks like a 319 with their own band logo on the tail. Nice looking jet. Appears near end of vid.@ 2min 10 sec. Tail number C-GQCA.

Need a login to see the video, do you have another link?

The plane is an A320 from Air Canada Jetz,

Here are pics of the plane set up for U2.

flickr.com/photos/news46/set … 408/detail
(new pics are great news46)

This is what it looks like normally without the U2 decals.


ACA7045 and 7046 was carrying the Toronto Maple Leafs. They played in Pittsburgh that night.

My apologies about the login. I tried to get it other ways but it is subscriber only content at this point. Thanks for the other pics and info.