U2 "the band" aircraft special livery A320


flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA7031 in case any one is interested.

airliners.net/open.file/968914/L/ link to picture of special livery.


Looks to be ACA7031 x MDW (to the show location) and ACA7032 back to Chicago after the show. Great theme on the aircraft.


eye…good eye


gonna snap a few photos when it lands…


hey targetjayt, did you get the photos?


I had a chance to go to their Vertigo Tour concert in Milwaukee…simply amazing!


They didn’t do a sound check, so the aircraft didn’t land until about 1805, and the doors for the show opened at 1900. I was already at the show in line. :frowning:


WOW! Very cool colours, but why do they have an Air Canada aircraft…is it just because the next stop on the tour was in Canada?