B707 N88ZL in Toronto Bon Jovi Concert


Bon Jovi reportedly using a Boeing 707 Reg #N88ZL while on tour.

Check out this incident from the Hamilton Spectator Newspaper…

hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp … 4656511815

Here’s the latest flightaware track…


Up here in Canada, eh? :smiley:


He is a great singer hope I can listen to him one day, BTW he has a sweet ride. 8)


N88ZL, not a shabby ride, I have had the pleasure of handling that a/c many times in the past.


Yup, got to poke my head into it several years ago in Basel, very nice.


But no Bon Jovi Concert. Anyone currently ‘borrowing’ this oldie? Tracking is disabled.


I could have sworn he had a Hawker, maybe he has 2 airplanes…


Kinda wanted to bump this to the top. Bon Jovi is about to tour again, starting March 23 & 24 they’ll be in Phili, then to Uncasville CT on March 26 & 27. DC on March 29th then to St. Paul MN on April 7 & 8, then down to Big D for the April 10th & 11th shows.
I was just curious if they’ll have the same charter as before?? If anyone spots the band and or their aircraft, could you please post an update??


What I’m gathering is this A/C is actually used to transport the performance equipment (stage, gantries, lights, etc) and belongs to a third-party. It is possible “they” are only contractors to this band, and others. So, if it is still associated with Bon Jovi, it will probably show up in each city a couple days ahead of the concert, and hang out at a cargo ramp. I wouldn’t break your neck looking for any celebs. And to tie this in with my original question (thread-jumping here) it was in Manchester, NH not for a concert stop, but for an avionics upgrade at Wiggins.


Bon Jovi used N468AB while in Seattle for this tour. It’s a blocked aircraft


I don’t think a 707 could transport the stage, lighting, audio, etc of a major music tour. There’s a reason most tours run with 10-20 tractor trailers.

U2’s last tour had at least 38 (I lost count at that point…).

I can see the instruments and wardrobe being loaded onto the aircraft though.

Dave Matthews Band used a 737 for a lot of the last tour to transport personnel and a few small instruments. The bigger stuff all went by truck (amps, drum kit, pa and lighting, concessions, catering, wardrobe, green room, crew rooms, dressing room furniture sets).

Most of these tours try and minimize load in time- a lot of the lighting gantries are broken down and transported in as few pieces as possible, drum kits are moved assembled (cymbals removed and stored), audio and lighting consoles rolled right onto the trucks with their covers locked on, amps in rolling hard cases too.


they rent a lot of equipment locally too.


Based on places and dates that match the tour since April 7th. This is the plane they are now using.

flightaware.com/live/flight/TWY5 … /KTPA/KMIA


Once upon a time, I had the pleasure of offloading a Evergreen B747F from…I forget where in Eurpoe, with Guns n Roses, Faith No More, and Soundgardens gear from the European leg of a world tour…continuing into North America…1st date was in July '92 at RFK Washington DC. Metallica joined the tour with Guns and Faith…GREAT show…still have the shirt…that’s right I am NOT growing up lol :wink: 8)


N88ZL has been parked at Miami Opa Locka (OPF/KOPF) for about four months now. I am not sure if this is change of ownership, overhaul or retirement. I don;t think it;s retirement since I saw it being washed.

here is a recent photo:




Just a guess but this is most likely Bon Jovi heading to Calgary since the show last night was in Cleveland and the Calgary show is tomorrow.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N888 … /KCLE/CYYC


Seen arriving in CYYC!



The economy is hurtin’ EVERYONE! Poor Bon Jovi downsizing from a 707 to a CRJ… :confused: