Bon Jovi


Does anyone happen to know the tail number of the plane BonJovi is using on their 2013 tour? I don’t care if its blocked, just wondering what tail # is. Thanks in advance for any help!


Not offhand, but there is no point in asking twice. If somebody happens to know they will answer.


He came through Goose Bay from Europe back in February on this aircraft.



Thank you!


@PorterJet So sorry, didn’t realize it had posted twice! No need to be a smart A!


I thought John’s response was quite civil, unlike yours.


Careful, JHEM… he’ll start stalking you, too…


No problem Jim, I have a shovel and several thousand acres of pine barren forest near me. He doesn’t realize who he’s messing with! :laughing:


At least they know where to look for my body! LOL
You guys are way too funny!!


IF I could delete the 2nd post, I sure would do it, so you boys wouldn’t have such a hissy fit! Put your big boy pants on & get over it already!! Why is it “stalking” for some, but “looking” for others??? I don’t understand that!! Guess ya’ll are stalkers too!!


I have equal opportunity hissy fits. I consider trying to find the N number and track a celebrity here a SMALL step above being a member of the paparazzi. I hope they all start blocking their reg numbers. What he flys and where he goes is no ones business but his.


They’re referred to as “private” jets for a reason…


Mr Bon Jovi has a share in netjets


I found all the info I needed! THANK YOU HATERS!! You all track planes for different reasons! Don’t accuse someone when you have no idea what their intentions are! Peace be unto you…


Can you share with us?


Doubtful… he wants to keep the moment that he shares the hand painted, black light portrait of himself, Jon and Tony Soprano all to himself…